Fox News Hides Video of Sarah Palin Blasting John Boehner’s Budget Deal

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It seems that Fox News is trying to silence all Tea Party dissent on John Boehner’s budget deal. Sarah Palin who was on Fox News last night blasting the deal that avoided a government shutdown. Palin criticisms took place in Part One of the interview, but only her comments supporting Donald Trump from Part Two have been posted on

Here is what Palin said in Part 1 of the interview that Fox News does not want you to see or hear.

When asked on Fox News’ Justice With Judge Jeanine if the Tea Party got what they wanted out of the budget deal, Sarah Palin said no, “Well, what the tea party is wanting the government to be smaller yet smarter and you consider we saw an increase in government spending 28 percent and cut to the tune of one percent.”

Palin continued, “No, the tea party and Americans in general who are concerned about the fiscal health of their country did not get what they wanted. We have a lot of work to do to educate Congress when it come to the expectations that we have when we send our politician to dc to do the job to make sure our country is solvent.”

Interestingly, Fox News hasn’t posted the video of this part of Palin’s interview. Instead they put up Palin’s comments supporting Donald Trump’s birtherism.

This is actually Part 2 of the Palin interview:

Fox News just so happened to leave out the first part of the interview, where Sarah Palin was attacking the Republican leadership for averting a government shutdown. This should open the eyes of many members of the Tea Party who think that Fox News is on their side.

Fox News is using you, just as much as all of those Republicans who made promises to you like repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Fox News may get around to posting the video sometime, but the message they want out there is Palin supports Trump. It looks a lot like they are trying to bury Palin’s criticisms of the budget deal. Lately Sarah Palin’s supporters have been getting very nervous because Donald Trump has become the new Fox News flavor of the month and it seems like they have good reason to be anxious.

It would have been impossible to imagine even a year ago that Fox News would treat Palin like a member of the chorus singing the praises of their new best boy. Sarah Palin was their star. The important word being was. It looks like Sarah Palin is getting the Glenn Beck treatment on Fox News. Palin is no longer their choice de jour. Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and company have moved on to Donald Trump.

Remember, Tea Partiers that Sarah Palin made comments that went against the GOP party line and Fox News buried her. This is what you have considered your choice for truth and news. Fox News banished Glenn Beck, and now they are marginalizing Palin, but don’t worry they’ll be back to sing your virtues and speak your language before Election Day 2012.

Fox News is treating the Tea Partiers like a bunch of gullible saps, and if you try to use their channel to go off message, your voice will not be heard.

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party got their first taste of the “Fair and Balanced” world of Fox News.

They might as well get comfortable because as long as they keep defying the GOP party line, Fox News is going to try to shut them up.

Fox News has tipped their hand in the GOP Civil War, and they aren’t supporting the Tea Party.

: The Fox spin-o-rama continues as they have posted a story about the “mixed reaction” of the Tea Party to the deal, but they don’t bother to quote Palin. You know, the person that they anointed the Tea Party’s leader last year.

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