Newsflash: Obama Is Creating More Jobs Than The GOP

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As the Republicans are focusing all their efforts to privatize Medicare and eliminate Medicaid, President Obama and Secretary Ray Lahood of the Department of Transportation will be creating American jobs.

The Obama administration has announced that there is over 2 billion dollars available for high speed rail. Unfortunately for those who happen to live in states currently controlled by ideological Republicans,like Rick Scott in Florida you will not be seeing this money or benefiting from the jobs it produces.

Not only will these projects put Americans to work building them, the suppliers for the material will benefit, due to a “Buy America requirement” mandated by the Depart of Transportation and the Obama Administration.

As of the Monday deadline, 90 applications from 24 states Washington D.C and Amtrak have been received by the D.O.T. Demand is through the roof because our elected officials know the economic benefits of building new infrastructure. The benefits can be seen in real time in Maine with the Downeaster extension to Brunswick is under construction. Also jobs our being created in Illinois where 96 miles of track are now being laid for the Chicago-St. Louis high-speed corridor.

Demand is high also because these leaders–Democrats and Republicans–have also seen the expanded manufacturing activity in Indiana, where the workers of Steel Dynamics are forging track. They know that 30 other manufacturers and suppliers have agreed to build or expand operations in the U.S. should they participate in high-speed rail projects.
U.S. companies, workers, and communities will receive the maximum economic benefit of the high-speed rail investment.

Private businesses near Maine’s Brunswick station have begun to be built and start-up also, along with condos, a hotel and a new medical center. The economic impact of just this one infrastructure project could generate many new temporary jobs in the construction trades, which is at depression level unemployment and it will generate long-term economic growth through retail, medical and manufacturing jobs.

Perhaps the Republicans in the House can get in on the act and begin creating jobs. I have pointed out in a previous post that job creation will bring down and possibly eliminate the deficit. “Dan Fuss, Loomis’ vice president mentioned a statistic that really shed light on our deficit problem. Fuss said, about 56% of Americans over the age of 16 are gainfully employed. If that percentage were to rise to 64%, Fuss reckons, then the budget deficit disappears entirely.”

Let’s put American’s back to work and stop worrying about de-funding NPR.

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