NBC Is Making Big Bucks Off Donald Trump’s Birther Gimmick

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On his MSNBC program The Last Word tonight, Lawrence O’Donnell called out his own network for profiting off of Donald Trump’s morphing into a Obama birther. O’Donnell asked why MSNBC is employing a birther, “How much hate do you have to promote as Donald Trump has promoted to get yourself kicked off of prime time NBC?”

Here us the video from MSNBC:

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O’Donnell said, “I want to take a look at the ratings chart for “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Starts off below the 8 million mark. It also starts off low in the demo, the audience 18-49, 2.8. As he gets crazier, it goes straight up. He’s now above a three in the demo, which is the number NBC cares about the most. It used to be on NBC in primetime you could get a show canceled off of NBC primetime if you fell below the 3.0. I know. It happened to me. But now that NBC is not the number one network, it desperately needs numbers like this. I have said all along that this fake campaign is about these numbers. It’s the only way Trump could get attention to his show this time around. This was the way to pump up those numbers, and his paycheck from NBC.”

Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post joined O’Donnell and spoke about how Trump shamelessly plugs his show in each birther interview, “Yeah, there’s no denying that, you know, this dance that Trump is doing with the American people, with Republican primary voters, I think has everything to do with whatever his business interests are. “Celebrity Apprentice” is clearly a business interest of his, and in every interview he has done since playing footsie with the birthers. He mentions his show. I think people are hearing this guy and hearing what he’s saying and think, hey, let’s watch his show.”

This is America. People do all sorts of things to get attention, to make money. Unfortunately, by dabbling in the birther conspiracy theory, he is doing something more dangerous and more disgusting than making money for his company and for himself. He is ruining the public discourse. He is ruining, you know, trust in the person who is sitting in the Oval Office, which i think in the long run, if Donald Trump really cares about this country, he would cease and desist. There’s plenty of information out there, facts, which he continues to willingly ignore.”

Here is the ratings chart for Trump’s NBC show:

Since Trump has gone birther, he has turned his “Celebrity Apprentice” into the top rated show in NBC’s prime time lineup. What does that mean for the network? A top rated program can charge advertisers twice as much than a show with average ratings. In short, NBC is making money from Trump’s latest publicity stunt.

NBC, the network that conservatives and Fox News love to hold up as a puppet for Obama, is condoning Trump’s birther nonsense because they are making money off of it. Not all of NBC has contentedly hopped on the birther train.

Tonight NBC Nightly News debunked Trump’s birther claims:

Props to Lawrence O’Donnell for blasting his own network and asking why if Charlie Sheen got booted from CBS for being crazy does Donald Trump still have a job and a platform for his birther views at NBC, “I think we’re at the point now where Glenn Beck wears out his welcome at fox news over going crazy in these kinds of things. Charlie Sheen gets kicked off of CBS for saying crazy things. How crazy do you have to be, how many lies do you have to tell, about the President of the United States, how much hate do you have to promote as Donald Trump has promoted to get yourself kicked off of primetime NBC?”

What is the difference between what Glenn Beck and Charlie Sheen did, and what Donald Trump is doing? Trump isn’t serious about running. He doesn’t want to have to fill out the disclosure forms and reveal the truth about his literally paper empire.

Donald Trump watch Sarah Palin’s act and thought, if she can make millions, imagine what I can do. Tea Partiers and birthers are the most gullible audience in America. As long as a person mouths their buzzwords, they are rewarded with book sales, TV ratings, and if they are a candidate votes on Election Day.

Of course, they bought into Donald Trump’s birther gimmick. Would you expect anything less from the same group of people who thought that Republican control of the House meant that they could repeal “Obamacare”?

If we really want to drive the point home to NBC that we will not tolerate their enabling of birthers, we should contact those companies that advertise on “Celebrity Apprentice.” If these same companies wouldn’t advertise on Glenn Beck’s show, then they should not support Trump’s birther campaign.

It is time that Donald Trump and NBC learned that the cost of being enabling a traitor to America and a slanderer of the President of the United States will be severe.

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