Scott Walker Is Doing His Part to Help Wisconsin Reelect Barack Obama

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By trying to bust unions and steal the rights of middle class Americans Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans stirred up a hornet’s nest that is looking more and more likely to cost them their jobs, and will likely hand the state to Obama in 2012.

Here is the video:

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Maddow said, “In Wisconsin the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports today that Democrats are vastly outspending Republicans in their efforts to recall state senators. In the official campaign filings with the state of Wisconsin the recall campaigns against eight Republican state senators have so far raised nearly $250,000. The campaigns have spent nearly all of it in their efforts. In contrast, the recall campaigns against four Democratic state senators have raised less than a tenth of that, and they’ve spent barely half of what they raised.”

Here are the numbers for the Democratic campaign to recall eight Republicans:

Here are the numbers for the Republican campaign to recall four Democrats:

Calling this an enthusiasm gap would be a bit of an understatement. Rachel Maddow highlighted the growing recall storm clouds that are hovering over Republicans, Gov. Scott Walker included. Walker and the Republicans made their problems worse when they tried to do an end around of a judge’s order by publishing their bill. After a second ruling by the same judge blocking all implementation of the bill, it looks like the case will be tied up in court for months.

Instead of tamping down Democratic recall enthusiasm in the state, Walker and the GOP are going out of their way to intentionally fan the flames. Each move that they have made has only strengthened the recall effort, and it looks like the Wisconsin state senate will be back in Democratic hands after these recall elections, and if you think that this story is only going to have state wide implications for 2011, guess again.

MSNBC’s First Read
did their first Electoral College projection for 2012, and it revealed that Barack Obama is starting the race with in their estimation 232 of the 270 required for reelection. Guess which two union busting states are placed in the swing category right now? The two union busters, Wisconsin and Ohio, are listed as swing states. Wisconsin has 10 Electoral College delegates, and Ohio has 20.

After the liberty stealing actions of these highly unpopular Republican governors, Wisconsin and Ohio are plums ripe for the Obama picking. Through his authoritarian union busting jihad, Scott Walker probably handed Wisconsin to Obama, and it would not shock anyone if Obama carried Ohio too.

Scott Walker has not only devastated his own party’s future in Wisconsin, but he all but killed the 2012 Republican nominee’s chances of winning the state. If Republicans think that getting out raised 10 to 1 is bad, wait until they see what is going to happen to them on Election Day, and maybe if Walker’ s lucky Obama will personally thank him during his victory speech.

Lady Liberty is on the march, and she is poised to strike a heroic victory for freedom. Who needs tea bags when you have the power of the people?

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