Walker’s Counsel Wrote That Prosser is Critical for Gov.’s Agenda

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Walker Agenda On Trial Today

Walker’s chief counsel/attorney sent an email the night before the Supreme Court election, urging people to vote for incumbent Justice Prosser, insisting that keeping Prosser on the court is essential to advancing Walker’s agenda. When asked to whom he sent it, Chief Counsel Hagedorn said he couldn’t remember how many people he sent the emails to. Today Prosser faces off against JoAnn Kloppenburg for the Wisconsin state Supreme Court. While Prosser has claimed to be an independent, Hagedorn outed him as a Walker stooge activist judge.

The Journal Sentinel reports:

Here’s an excerpt from the e-mail, which Hagedorn sent from a personal account around 10:30 p.m. Monday:
If Justice Prosser loses:

* The Supreme Court will shift from a 4-3 conservative majority to a 4-3 liberal majority.
* Governor Walker’s agenda could be stopped in its tracks by this new activist majority.
* Union bosses and their allies will be emboldened and further push to recall the brave Senators who voted for Governor Walker’s budget repair bill.
* (Chief Justice) Shirley Abrahamson and her allies will continue to drag down the reputation of the Court, with an additional vote to further push through their radical agenda.
Hagedorn said he sent the e-mail from his home computer and no one asked him to send it. Hagedorn, a former clerk to Justice Michael Gableman, described Prosser as a friend in the e-mail.

He said the e-mail was sent to some of his contacts in his personal address book, but he did not know exactly how many people he sent it to.

Hagedorn not only outed Prosser as an activist judge bent on seeing Walker’s anti-union agenda through but he may have gotten himself into hot water if he really can’t remember how many people he sent this email to. Did he use only personal contacts? Did he hit reply all? Because it’s not uncommon these days to have one’s personal and work addresses mixed together, whether it’s on your home, work or phone email, it would look better for him if he knew to whom he sent it or at the very least, how many people he sent it to.

There’s nothing wrong with Hagedorn being an activist on his own time, using his home computer. But he did just admit that the unions were right in suggesting that Prosser is a rubber stamp for Walker, and he had best hope he didn’t send that email to any work contacts. Hagedorn says no one asked him to send the emails.

This could be yet another misstep by the Walker administration, that is already facing a barrage of legal and ethical issues just two months into his term. At the very least, Hagedorn’s email admitted everything Prosser has been denying in regards to his vote on the anti-union bill which will most likely end up in the Supreme Court. It sounds as if Hagedorn is promising that the goal is to service Walker’s agenda, not the law, and that’s discomforting.

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