Fox News Endorses Pepper Spraying an 8 Year Old

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You may have heard the story of the Colorado 8 year old who threw a violent temper tantrum at school, and the end result was that the police were called and he was pepper sprayed. On FNC’s Fox and Friends today Gretchen Carlson came out loudly in favor of pepper spraying children by saying, “I say 100% pepper spray and some parenting classes as well. I mean come on.”

Here is the story from 9 News in Colorado:

From 9 News, “According to the report, Aidan was climbing the cart and spitting at teachers. He also broke wood trim off the walls and was trying to stab teachers with it. ‘I wanted to make something sharp if they came out because I was so mad at them. I was going to try to whack them with it.’ The report goes on to say Aidan, was holding what looked like a sharpened one foot stick and he screamed, ‘Get away from me you f—ers.'”

Here is the video of Gretchen Carlson from Media Matters:

Gretchen Carlson said, “I say 100% pepper spray and some parenting classes as well. I mean come on. This is what our schools have to combat right now? This is the third time for an eight year old that the police have been called. Threatening the teachers and you’re eight?” The Fox and Friends crew then went on to read some viewer responses which blamed the parents for not holding the child accountable for his behavior.

Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis said
that he thought the police made a great choice, “You’ve got teachers barricading themselves in a room. They are obviously frightened,” Davis said. “I think they not only made the right choice, they made a great choice that day to use the pepper spray.”

This child did not have a gun or a knife. He had a f**king stick. The inability of adult law enforcement officers to subdue stick welding eight year without using pepper spray doesn’t inspire confidence in their competence to protect and serve. One of the problems with the widespread use of Tasers and pepper spray is that it has led to some law enforcement officers to utilize a lazy decision making process. Pepper spray is now the fast and easy remedy for any situation.

I find it hard to believe that armed adult officers really believed that they were in mortal danger, and the only reasonable solution was to pepper spray a child. I think the truth is that this was third time that they were called to deal with this kid’s tantrums, and they were sick of it, so they thought they would teach him a lesson and spray him.

The bigger question here is, what was this kid doing in a regular school in the first place? It is obvious that this child has some emotional and behavioral issues that his teachers and likely the school itself were not equipped to deal with. If this has happened multiple times, why was he still in school?

There was obviously a problem that was being ignored and not dealt with. Children have been expelled for less in other schools. Instead of limiting the discussion to should he or should he not have been sprayed, we need to ask what was he doing there in the first place?

It is logical that the police department is going to defend the decision because they are trying to avoid a lawsuit, but the real mind blower is Fox News defending the idea that the best way to deal with a troubled eight year old is to pepper spray him then blame the parents.

Before things ever got to the place where the police had to make a decision on whether or not to pepper spray a child something should have been down about this kid’s emotional issues. By letting things get to the pepper spray point, a whole lot of adults failed Aidan.

I am sure that Gretchen Carlson is all in favor of other people’s children being pepper sprayed just not her own, but when viewed through the eye of the Fox News camera, Real America is starting to look more and more like a police state.

The message is that we don’t need to deal with the underlying issues. Be decisive. Spray first, and ask questions later.

“Real America”: Land of the free, home of the sprayed.

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