Inside the Conservative Self-Pity That Feeds Belief in Sarah Palin 2012

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Stop Blood LIbeling ME America!


Inside the Conservative Self-Pity That Fosters Belief in Sarah Palin for 2012

Sarah Palin is the subject of a documentary for that total “get” for politicos, E! Entertainment. Not to worry about all the sexism and the not showing deference that caused Palin to look badin 2008  just because she couldn’t answer what she read to get her news two years ago, this piece has been aided and abetted by “lefty news” conspiracy theorist John Ziegler.

John provided clips of his “documentary” “film” on Sarah Palin as persecuted Esther, the theme of which is how the media stole the election from Palin and handed it to Obama with lies, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.” E! will also be airing a documentary on Charlie Sheen. John is holding out hope for E!, though he notes,

….when liberals don’t like a historical drama they literally don’t even need a substantive reason to censor it and can absurdly claim that all conversations depicted need to 100 percent proven to be used. Somehow, I am quite sure that “standard” will suddenly be dropped when it comes to Palin and “Game Change.”

John bases part of this resentment on the fact that his own film Blocking The Path to 9/11 about why The Path to 9/11 was shelved wasn’t well received. Apparently, evil liberals like a commission member said that the miniseries misrepresented facts presented in the 9/11 Commission report and then two FBI agents criticized the film for creating a work of fiction. We all know how the FBI is teeming with liberal scum hell bent on destroying the country by not blaming the Clintons for ABC’s decision to not air the miniseries (yes, he really did blame the Clintons for this). See, again, it’s not that his film was inaccurate, it’s that evil liberals run the FBI. Get it right, haters.

John is always available to discuss serious issues like how the media’s sexism ruined Sarah Palin when he’s not being fired for using the n word on the radio or sharing the genital grooming habits if his ex girlfriend on the radio (two different radio stations). He was sued for the latter, but didn’t have to pay because his ex was considered a public figure. So it’s kind of ironic, isn’t it, that he is now saying the media was mean to Sarah Palin, when I don’t recall liberal radio hosts dissing her genital grooming habits on the radio. She is a public figure, so it would be fair game, apparently, if they did. Maybe liberals have better things to discuss.

John then wrote The Death of Free Speech, in which he claims that American discourse has suffered because of political correctness. Cough. Yes, that would be the same political correctness he’s guilt tripping the media with, claiming they can’t criticize Palin and if they do, it’s because of her gender. Ah, another dizzying maze of self-deception, but I have to say, Sarah Palin keeps great company. John the N word genital groomer dissing DJ is the only person she trusted to do a documentary on her. John once managed to stay employed on the radio for two full years without getting fired. If that’s not exceptionalism in action, what is? Oh, right, John might use the N word, but he says whites are not racists or else how would Tiger Woods be so popular. Sold me.

Palin’s epic failure in 2008 had nothing to do with her lack of knowledge or the fact that she used sex to get where she was, in sort of a Porn Star Fundy Barbie way that far right Christians find so appealing these days. If it’s not masturbating for phone videos beauty queen Carrie Prejean talking about how Christ only loves the beautiful who self-love but hates the gays, it’s Sarah Palin talkin’ about family and how women can do it all while she sells a version of Christianity that demands submission for women.

Submission is good for you, not so good for her. After all, she can’t sell you submission if she is being submissive. Yes, it’s not her fault you don’t love her. It’s the lefty media’s fault. Well, the Palin fans are holdin’ on their seats, because after E! airs their documentary on Palin, new women will be recruited to vote for her. John certainly knows his target demo well; remember when he said this at a public event in 2007? “In case you missed it, some nut job broke in (Clinton’s campaign office) and took hostages and apparently threatened to blow himself up unless he got a chance to speak to Hillary. Now, I found this rather odd because I always feel like blowing myself up after I hear Hillary Clinton speak.” So they have the Hillary voters all wrapped up.

“This show will be shown numerous times on a network whose demographic is full of women who are not political junkies. This is exactly the demo that Palin would have to get a second chance with if she has a chance to beat President Obama.”

I’m afraid John means the same demo that watches Dancing With the Stars, which Palin fans ruined by cheating to keep Bristol in the race. Speaking of Bristol, America’s Sweetheart, Unwed Mother Abstinence Only Spokesperson, this is the same Bristol who gave the finger to all of those liberal “haters” while talking to Megan McCain on TV. Gosh, just how many chances would you say you get with those folks? And weren’t those same folks targeted with Sarah Palin’s reality TV show?

Hey, why doesn’t she try not putting crosshairs on our back representatives or telling her fans to stop the next car they see with an Obama sticker on it and confront them. I mean, if she wants to make friends…..

No! If you are questioning Sarah Palin’s abilities to lead the world, it’s because basically you are a hater who was sold a lie by the lamestream media.

Ziegler, whose documentary on how Palin was targeted (see, the President wasn’t targeted by the racists who called him a Muslim on the air, or by the “n” word Zeigler, but Palin was targeted by evil liberals who asked her what she read) says he has high hopes for Palin’s E! story:

“I totally agree that on paper this would seem to be a disaster waiting to happen. After all, Hollywood tends to be at least as politically biased as the news media, but I have a feeling Palin supporters might be pleasantly surprised.”

John, having been fired for using the n word but also on another occasion for claiming that OJ was guilty before the trial was up and having concocted a plan to murder OJ by infiltrating as a caddy at OJ’s golf club, may not quite grasp the reality that the right wing could not have a firmer hold in the corporatocracy of the business of entertainment – which is one of our largest business exports in this country, in fact.

Hollywood caters to the largest audience, and hence, they trend liberal. They cater to the youth market. And hence, they trend liberal. But they are not biased against anything except money and after all, Jesus bestows wealth on those who deserve it according to Sarah. Hence, Hollywood is super deserving and Jesus loves them best.

“I could be wrong and I have been fooled before by lefty media members pretending they will be fair to get access (Howard Kurtz immediately comes to mind), but the E! producer I dealt with on this was far more knowledgeable about what really happened to Palin during the 2008 campaign than any mainstream media member I have been interviewed by since the film came out, including Matt Lauer and Barbara Walters.”

You might be thinking, gee, if the media were “lefty,” the country would have heard all about Palin’s endorsement of the AIP, a secessionist group, and her husband being a registered member of it for several years. If the media were “lefty,” the media would have pushed back with reality when Palin claimed she was found innocent of all charges in Troopergate. She was in fact found guilty of abusing her power by the Branchflower report.

If the media were “lefty”, we’d have all heard about Palin’s death panels in Alaska, we’d know about her being the socialist governor, we’d know that she left Alaska with a 70% debt to GDP ratio and we’d know that the gas pipeline she claimed as her biggest achievement had not happened and may never happen. We’d also know that she is not an energy and gas expert anymore than you or I. She sat as a citizen ethics member on the board, a position to which Gov Frank Murkowski appointed her when he didn’t give her the senate seat she wanted. She quit that job, too, by the way, but only after she hacked into a fellow Republican’s computer and turned him in with ethics complaints.

If you were thinking any of that, you are not only wrong, but you are the problem. It is your fault that Sarah never gets a fair shake. John is very excited, for he “know(s) for sure that they intended to use her reactions to the condescending Charlie Gibson interview.” Ah, yes, the problem was Gibson’s condescension, not Palin’s lack of knowledge. Vilify Charlie we must, unless we are willing to just sit here and take this crap dished out by evil liberals.

It is necessary for conservatives like John to start every single media interview demonizing liberals and pretending they are victimized, otherwise someone might get the idea that they should judge conservatives on their merit. Also, there is nothing like a good ad hominem out of the gate to discredit any potential critics before they open their mouths.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and posit that maybe the reason Palin isn’t successful in winning hearts and minds is because she isn’t working hard enough. I mean, we don’t want to go all PC, making excuses for Sarah’s failures and asking for special treatment here, right? That would be like expecting a handicap and we know Sarah is the patron saint of free market competition. We wouldn’t want her to appear entitled, like a union thug. Maybe the market just won’t bear her.

Palin and her pals seem as concerned for this country’s welfare as she is for Alaska’s. Will conservatives’ self pity about a media bias that does not exist ever end? Not as long as they have puppets to sell, because nothing gets the media to stop doing their job faster than whines about conservative bias. Welcome to E! True Hollywood Story on Sarah Palin and how her failure is your fault.

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