Corporate America’s State Level Bloodless Coup Against Democracy

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On December 8, 1941 the United States entered World War II by declaring war on Japan and Germany after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. In the spring of 1941, British and American military representatives held a conference to discuss strategy in the event that America did actively participate in the war and the Allies concluded that the first priority was to defeat Nazi Germany. Americans united to defeat the Nazis and prevent Hitler establishing a worldwide 3rd Reich, and the sacrifice, dedication, and belief in freedom propelled American and its allies to victory.

Today the Nazi threat is stronger than in World War II because they control resources and are firmly entrenched in the Republican Party that controls the House of Representatives and states like Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin. The difference with these Nazis is they are working to conquer working people and America’s democratic government with help from the teabags, corporations, Fox News, and myriad conservative think tanks. Since this war is occurring on American soil by American citizens it can rightly be called a civil war or a bloodless coup d’etat.

For the past two years Republicans have flaunted their contempt for the law and democracy by obstructing legislation, and when that was unsuccessful, they attempted to repeal legally enacted laws because they could not dictate their agenda for the nation. Disregard for the law is typical of criminals and is becoming the modus operandi of Republican governors who are intent on serving corporations instead of the people who elected them. In two states, the governors have seized power and openly ignored judicial orders in a blatant act of Nazism, and are forcing their corporatist will on the people of their states. The governors were elected to serve the people of their states, but have defied the voters by serving corporate interests who bought and paid for them.

In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder (R) has given himself power to strip cities or towns of their sovereignty and dismiss elected officials if he deems it necessary. Perhaps Snyder is used to dictating his agenda in the corporate world, but in America, elected officials are removed by voters and not by one dictator. Snyder is using Nazi tactics that are in direct opposition to America’s representative democracy, and he has seized power the same as Hitler’s Brown Shirts did in Nazi Germany. Snyder’s actions mirror military dictators who claim emergency rule and appoint their own unelected managers to rule over the populace. Although Snyder has not declared himself Fuhrer, he has given himself the power to disband all organized labor, give taxpayer money to his corporate friends, and deprive citizens of their legal representation.

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker has twice defied a judge’s temporary restraining order to halt implementation of his union busting law. It is a blatant disregard for the law and reminiscent of Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany. The law is meaningless to power-hungry despots like Walker and Snyder and they are setting a dangerous precedent for states across America. As anti-American as Walker and Snyder’s actions are, it is their motivation that should rankle Americans.

The Republicans are making their power-grab to enrich corporations and to destroy the middle class.  When Scott Walker came into office, he immediately gave tax breaks to corporations that put the state’s budget in peril. He took a surplus of roughly $130 million and handed it over to corporations and declared a fiscal emergency that he claimed justified eliminating workers collective bargaining rights. Walker’s move outraged teachers, firefighters, and police officers, but he had support from some citizens because like Adolf Hitler, he told a big lie and repeated it until ignorant Republicans and teabaggers believed it to be a fact. Along the way though, Walker incited the working class who saw through his power grab and assault on the middle class as un-American and provoked calls for recall elections that will prove to be his undoing. Walker’s defiance of two court orders has further incensed the public who believe in the rule of law and not his Nazi tactics.

Governor Snyder has manufactured a fiscal emergency in Michigan because he gave away $1.7 billion in tax cuts to corporations that the state could ill-afford, and immediately raised taxes on seniors and poor people to pay for the cuts. Snyder’s tax increases amount to $1.7 billion, the exact amount he gave to corporations. The problem with Snyder is he, like Walker, disregards voters’ wishes to repay his corporate sponsors and to ensure he can continue robbing the poor and middle-class to pay for corporate tax cuts, and has declared himself dictator. Now that the law gives Snyder the power to take over cities and dismiss legally elected officials, he can give unlimited assets and state resources to corporations with impunity. Voters have no recourse in Michigan because under Snyder’s dictatorship and contempt for the rule of law, he could disband election boards and declare elections invalid if he claims a fiscal emergency.

Republicans have a problem following the law when it does not go their way and they are becoming flagrant in defiance of the courts and voters. There is little doubt that they are power-hungry despots who are going to steal Americans’ tax dollars so they can give them to corporations. The power hungry Republicans are not limited to Walker and Snyder; in Florida and Ohio the governors are making similar moves to steal tax dollars to give to their corporate donors. When governors, Congressional representatives, and state legislators take the oath of their respective offices they pledge to work for the people they represent, not corporate interests.

If Republicans like Walker and Snyder are allowed to continue their Nazi tactics by disregarding the will of the voters and the courts, America will become a dictatorship. For two years Republicans in Congress worked tirelessly to circumvent the law and now that they have control of the House, they are snubbing their noses at the voters. They lied to get elected by promising to create jobs, but instead have worked to cut services and jobs as well as repeal laws passed in the last Congress. Americans appear to finally see Republicans for what they really are; power-hungry corporatists who hate the American people and the law. If they are allowed to continue, American democracy will be finished and in its place will be a dictatorship run by corporations and religious leaders who, like Republicans, have no regard for the law or the will of the people. Americans united to fight the Nazi threat in World War II, now they must unite to fight the Republican Nazi threat in America and elect leaders who do not defy the law.

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