5 Lessons From George W Bush That Will Get Obama Reelected in 2012

Apr 04 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Fox and Friends celebrated the launch of President Obama’s reelection campaign by claiming that Obama could learn a lot from George W. Bush. They then brought in Laura Bush to talk about it. I also believe that Obama could learn a lot from Bush, and here are the 5 Bush lessons that could propel Obama to victory in 2012.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

This got me thinking that maybe Fox News is right. Maybe there are things that Obama can learn from George W. Bush? To commemorate the official launch of President Obama’s reelection campaign here are five presidential life lessons to Obama from former President George W. Bush.

5). The presidency wasn’t created by God so that we would have to sit around and listen to Congress. Those guys suck. You’re the president. Listen to Jesus and he’ll tell you to do whatever you want.

4). Unless you are Tom Cruise in Top Gun, nobody looks good when dressed as a fighter pilot….nobody.

3). Never adopt a policy that you can’t spell, for example diplomacy.

2). When things get tough, go clear brush.

1). Your problem Barack is that you are too competent. Incompetence is virtue. The worse you are at being president, the less the American people will expect from you. Try not to be too good at your job and before you know it you’ll be sitting pretty in the Oval Office for another four years, just like me.

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