Rand Paul Compares Himself to Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln

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Those rumblings of GOP 2012 discontent that you hear coming from down Louisville way are growing a little louder as Sen. Rand Paul is starting to put out the first gentle feelers for a potential run at the 2012 GOP nomination. In an interview in Ames, Iowa, Sen. Paul compared himself to President Obama and Abe Lincoln while hinting that experience is not that important.

According to O. Kay Henderson when Sen. Paul was asked during an interview in Iowa about how he would avoid criticisms that were leveled at now President Obama in 2007 and 2008 about his lack of political experience if he ran for president, he compared himself to President Obama and Abe Lincoln.

Rand Paul responded with a chuckle, “Didn’t seem to hurt him, did it? I think it’s interesting, you know, people want to complain about it, but, you know, Lincoln was elected with two years of experience as a congressman 15 years before he ran for president. Obama, I think, announced he was running 43 days into his term…I don’t know. I think people can make any criticism they want and whether it’s valid or not, I think that’s the winnowing process that goes through a primary and that’s what we decide. We decide who best can articulate our vision.”

When you add in his recent jabs at Fox News and Newt Gingrich at the Congressional Correspondents Dinner, it is looking like Sen. Paul may at least be tinkering with the idea of a White House run.

Rand Paul’s jab at Fox News was especially enlightening, “There’s a big debate going on over at Fox News. It’s really messed up, I mean they don’t know what to do. They just really can’t decide over at Fox News. It’s like, what do they love more, bombing the Middle East or bashing the president? It’s like, I was over there and there was an anchor going — they were pleading, they were pleading — ‘please, please, please, can’t we do both? Can’t we bomb the Middle East and bash the president at the same time? How are we going to make this work?'”

Paul’s comments about Fox News may not have made much sense to anyone who saw how openly Fox supported Rand’s Senate candidacy, but there is a long standing feud between the Paul camp and Fox News due to how the network has always treated Rep. Paul. Fox News has always treated Rand’s daddy like his a flaming nutcase, and they went out of their way to delegitimize Ron Paul and his views on foreign policy at every turn during the 2008 Republican primary season.

Notwithstanding the intrigue of a Fox News/Rand Paul feud, Sen. Paul is not Obama, and Obama isn’t Lincoln. At his Democratic convention speech in 2004, Obama revealed the kind of political talent that presents itself once in a generation.

Rachel Maddow sent Rand Paul into hiding last summer
with a question on the Civil Rights Act.

Rand Paul displayed how far he has to go before he is ready for the national stage with his wildly incorrect answer about Obama declaring his candidacy 43 days into his Senate term. The truth is that Obama was elected to the Senate in 2004 and declared his presidential intentions February in 2007, but the fact that Paul even made the claim is more evidence that he is mulling a run for the Republican 2012 nomination.

The 2012 GOP primary will get a lot more interesting if Rand or Ron Paul runs. I personally would pay good money to see Ron Paul lay into Sarah Palin for her empty headed war mongering foreign policy during a debate. In the same way that Dennis Kucinich lends a voice to the neglected liberal segment of the Democratic Party when he runs for the nomination, Ron Paul represents the GOP’s forgotten conservative roots.

Rand Paul looks at the Republican landscape and sees the same thing as every other ambitious conservative, an open shot at the GOP presidential nomination, but the fact that Paul just got to the Senate a few months ago means that he should not be thinking about running for anything else in 2012. If he really believes that Obama declared his candidacy 43 days into his term, then his lack of knowledge provides even more evidence that he is not ready to run for president.

Barack Obama was already a political superstar before he was elected to the Senate. Rand Paul is the son who is sitting around waiting for his dad to hand over the keys to the family business.

The truth about Rand Paul is that right now he is more Sarah Palin than Barack Obama, and more Jefferson Davis than Abraham Lincoln.

Sorry Rand, but you are not 2012 material.

See you in 2016.

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