Donald Trump Claims That Obama Could Be A Muslim

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Is this the protocol for the Republican primary?  Every GOP potential 2012 Presidential candidate has to prove they are further to the right and crazier than the rest of them by questioning the place of President Obama’s birth.

Now the “Don” Trump says is an interview with Laura Ingraham, that the President might not be showing his original birth certificate because it might mention MUSLIM! (video marker at around (3 minutes).  

Trump stated ;

“He doesn’t have a birth certificate, or if he does there is something on that certificate that is very bad for him.

Now somebody tells me and I have no idea if this is bad for him or not, but perhaps it would be, that where it says religion, it might have Muslim and if your a Muslim you don’t change your religion by the way. But somebody said maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t want to show it. I don’t think so.  I just don’t think he has a birth certificate…”

Now we know from prior articles by Jason Easley, that Laura Ingraham has the journalistic integrity of a newt and I wouldn’t put it past her not to challenge any absurdity coming out of any potential Republican candidates for 2012.

If this is the best bunch of people the GOP can drum up as potential candidates, 2012 may not be so bad for Obama.  We have Sarah “the quitter” Palin, Michelle “the queen of paranoia” Bachmann, Newt “the family values except for me” Gingrich etc.. and now we have Mr. Donald “Orly Taitz Birther” Trump.

This latest stunt by Trump is the typical fear mongering that many people have come to expect from the GOP. We have seen this since the days of terrorist alerts in 2004 in order to scare people to vote for the “rough and tumble” candidate George W. Bush.  Now they are using the latest scare tactic, MUSLIMS and the crimson red conservatives latch onto that rhetoric like leaches in a swamp.

Let’s sit back and enjoy the circus people, this is going to make great talk show material and PoliticusUSA articles over the next year, stay tuned!

Editor’s Note:

Trump went on MSNBC today and actually up the birther ante. Trump even claimed that Obama could have, ““could have come in after birth and could have been registered for purposes of hospitalization” or even “welfare.” “Excuse me, I’ve grown up watching some of the great thieves of the world… this is peanuts compared to what these people do.”

Here is the video:

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Image: Gawker

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