Mike Huckabee Calls for Spiritual Warriors to Lose Jobs for Jesus

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"Lose Your Job for Jesus!"

“To have credibility within the Republican party is to have none outside it. They act as if all their Kool-Aid has been spiked.”

Gary Younge, AlterNet, March 28, 2011

Mike Huckabee in his pandering to the Christofascist right continues to up the ante with his public policy statements. As though encouraged by the receptivity of America’s Talibangelicals to his message of exclusion and hate, he reaches new lows on an almost daily basis. It is difficult to see how he can have any hope of getting enough votes by excluding all but the extremist Christofascist fringe of the American political landscape.

After all, you do need at least some votes to get elected and the disenfranchisement of voters, redistricting, union busting and vast sums of corporate money will only get you so far.

His latest pronouncement ramps up the Christians as persecuted minority meme that is so popular as the well-funded Christofascist movement deprives women, minorities, and non-Christians of their rights in state after state. Now his message to these poor downtrodden soldiers of Christ is that in order to prevent same-sex marriage people should lose their jobs if that is what it takes.

Taking his hate-filled gospel to Iowa, he tells his followers at the Rediscover God in America Conference that he is looking for spiritual warriors (i.e. Christofascist stormtroopers); that they must take this stand for righteousness.

He appeals to the martyrdom instincts of his audience. Yes, he challenges them: they must stand against same-sex marriage even if they lose their jobs, because it is better than losing their souls.

Of course, nobody is actually trying to force anybody to marry a person of the same sex, so it is difficult to see how their souls could be at stake. Jesus certainly never mentions that possibility. The message of exclusion and hate tacked on to the end of the Gospel of Mark after it was written reads only:

“The one who believes and is baptized will be saved; but the one who does not believe will be condemned.”

It says nothing about punishing the person who delivered the Gospel because the listener ignored the message.

And there is the obvious problem that Christians in this country are not a persecuted minority. Christianity has been calling the shots in the Western World for most of twenty centuries and has ruthlessly eliminated every alternative to itself whenever it has had the power to do so. Even today, these same Christofascists who claim to be persecuted are persecuting others in every state in which they have the political muscle to do so.

The poor Christian martyr meme is getting very old, as lies tend to do.

Ironically, the poor persecuted me meme is one held in common with Muslim religious fanatics, for example, the message put out by groups like al Qaeda and the Taliban, who recruit the credulous by drumming up belief in the alleged “plight of Muslims around the world” – a plight that is plainly imaginary (except for anti-Muslim persecution by fundamentalist Christians in the U.S.). Again, the real complaint is that their specific brand of Islamic fundamentalism is not allowed to freely persecute and force moderate Muslims to live the way they say.

So I guess the message here is that if you’re not persecuted yet, you should do all in your power to get yourself persecuted so that you can prove that people are persecuting you for your beliefs; put your family’s welfare on standby. Speak out, lose your job (though I’m not certain how this job-losing thing is supposed to work unless he means that people should physically assault gay coworkers), and let your family starve while you crusade against the Constitution and everything this nation stands for, and has stood for, for over two hundred years.

What kind of madness is this?

What about the real problems facing our nation? Unemployment, nutrition, education, wars, and so forth? Is the only thing that really matters women’s reproductive rights and marriage equality? Is that seriously the stuff of a political platform in a modern liberal democracy?

It should be the recipe political suicide.

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Crazy as Republicans have been, some have actually made their way into office. Others have proven too crazy, like Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and Joe Miller. Others, like Michele Bachmann, seem to prosper in their Rasputin-like madness.

Considering the President not only did not do away with the blatantly unconstitutional Faith Based Initiative of President Bush but enlarged it, it is difficult to see in what way Obama or anyone else has been busy persecuting, marginalizing or silencing Christians in this or any other country. His only real sin is that he refuses to let fundamentalist Christians persecute everyone else, like the LGBT community.

The real religious “Others” in the United States are all non-Christians, including the Pagan community, atheists, secularists and members of other non-traditional religions but especially Islam. The supreme irony is that they complain about Sharia Law and its “creeping” effects while pushing an identical Mosaic Law on us. Let’s face it: to the majority of Americans, one theocracy is as bad as another. We don’t need a Christian theocracy any more than we do an Islamic one.

Again, I don’t know what measures Huckabee thinks sufficient to lose your job in opposition to marriage equality but maybe if these people somehow manage to do it, they’ll be too busy trying to find new jobs and a roof over their heads to vote. Not a bad outcome.

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