Christian Conservatives Turn Political Judas On Christ’s Teachings

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Prior to 1979, religion in America was a private enterprise, and although it influenced people’s daily lives, it certainly was not used as the driving force in governing. Christians worshiped in their homes, churches and in meditative silence, and only occasionally would a Christian impose their beliefs on anyone else. Since the ascendance of the Moral Majority at the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the religious right has steadily incorporated Christianity into all forms of government and national policy decisions.

The Moral Majority was an organization made up of conservative Christian PACs which campaigned on issues that were important to maintaining its Christian conception of moral law. Today, conservative Christians are serving in Congress and passing laws that enforce the Christian conception of moral law. It is one matter to form a PAC to lobby for social conservative causes, but the fallacious Christians have infiltrated the government and imposed their abhorrent, bastardized version of Christianity on all Americans much to the despair of the poor, women, gays, and atheists. Along the way, Christians in state legislatures and Congress have enriched the corporate world with money stolen from the poor and now the elderly.

If Christian Conservatives represented Christianity as taught by their namesake, Jesus Christ, America would indeed be the greatest country in the world. However, the vile, fallacious Christianity practiced by social conservatives is the polar opposite of Christ’s teachings and is a detriment to every living person in America. Whether the so-called Christians in Congress allow the oil and coal industry to poison the Earth, air, and water, or promote war and gun ownership, they are not following the tenets of Christ’s teachings.

Men like Jim DeMint (R-SC), a self-avowed conservative Christian gives taxpayer dollars to rich corporations, but worked tirelessly to defeat the Affordable Health Care Act. DeMint also opposes programs to feed children as well as community health centers that serve the poor. Jesus said rich people should give all their money and belongings to the poor in order to be allowed into heaven (Matt. 19:20 – 21). DeMint and all conservative Christian legislators steal from the poor to give to the rich. Senator DeMint’s lord and savior would disavow knowing the Christianity DeMint practices.

Much of the blame rests with the clergy for not encouraging their congregants to follow Christ’s admonition to be non-judgmental, charitable, and humble in all things. Mike Huckabee (R) is a preacher and judges non-Christians, lies, and opposes giving healthcare to every American. Sarah Palin (R) is a conservative Christian who lies, boasts about herself, opposes the health law, and slaughters animals for sport. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is another conservative Christian who is a staunch advocate for war, a gun rights advocate, and also opposes making affordable health care available to all Americans. This list could go on ad nauseum and demonstrates that nearly every Republican conservative Christian legislator uses their Christianity to garner votes, but they oppose the teachings of their religion’s namesake.

If the conservative Christians were followers of Christ as they claim, they would adopt stringent gun control laws, provide health care for all Americans, stop the senseless wars, and stop enriching the wealthy with American taxpayer dollars. They would also pass legislation to ensure that every American enjoyed the freedom and pursuit of happiness the Founding Fathers intended as well as augment and enforce environmental laws to guarantee the health and safety of Americans. But America’s conservative Christians follow a bastardized Christianity that contradicts Christ’s instructions.

Although lawmakers wield great power and use their fallacious Christian dogma to force destructive conceptions of moral law on Americans, they are in power because the religious right votes for Republican candidates. Christian voters know Republicans do not follow the rudiments of Christ’s teachings but they vote for them nevertheless. Republicans oppose Christ’s simplest directives such as not killing, helping the poor, loving your neighbor as well as your enemy, and most importantly, not judging. Jesus was quite clear that Christians are not supposed to judge because it is God’s provenance; not man’s or women’s.

For the past two months Americans have seen the damage Republican Christian legislators are inflicting on nearly every segment of society. A perfect example is a pregnant Iowa woman who was arrested and charged with attempted “feticide” after she fell down a flight of stairs. The injured and still pregnant woman spent two days in jail because of Personhood-type laws that claim a zygote is a human being. The law was sponsored and paid for by Christian organizations that wrote the law and lobbied Christian legislators to pass the measure. Republicans have spent precious time and resources to defund Planned Parenthood and if successful, will eliminate reproductive health care for millions of poor Americans. If Republicans truly followed Christ, they would increase funding to Planned Parenthood to help millions of men and women get cancer screening, birth control, and counseling on maintaining reproductive health.

There is no end to the horrors the deceptive conservative Christians in America have committed. In churches all across America, the clergy preaches that Jesus said love your neighbor, clothe and feed the poor, practice peace, and give your belongings to the destitute. After the sermon though, the clergy tells the congregation which policies to support and who to vote for at election time. It is astonishing that parishioners can quote scripture and verse propounding the virtues of Christ’s teachings about love, peace, and charity, and then proceed to deprive their neighbors of basic human rights.

Christianity that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ is a beautiful religion for people apt to believe in god, and if its adherents followed the philosophy and practiced the loving kindness Jesus expounded, it would be more acceptable as a guide for lawmaking. But the Christianity practiced by most Republican legislators is oppressive and damaging to Americans as well as the environment. The fallacious Christians would be wise to change their religion’s name to save their mortal souls. If one believes in an afterlife in the presence of the loving savior Jesus Christ, they would be wise to remember Jesus’ words regarding working in his name. Jesus said in Matthew 7:23, “Lord, Lord, did we not…perform many powerful works in your name? And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness.” If there is a Jesus Christ, he is going to be ready and waiting for fallacious Christians in legislatures across America; and the Christian voters who put them in positions of power.



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