Republicans Plan to Halt Economic Recovery Through Mass Layoffs

Mar 30 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The elections of 2010 focused of jobs, the GOP ran on a lack luster economic recovery from the Republican induced recession.  They won the  U.S. House and gained seats in the U.S. Senate.  Now that they have won, they are very timid about talking about the economy.  I pointed out to you in a previous article the latest GOP jobs plan. It aims to increase  thousands of highly skilled former government workers into the  already saturated private labor market in an attempt to drive down middle class wages.

Rather than increasing real demand, which is the base of a healthy economy, the GOP wants to build a facade by lowering Americans’ wages.

Under the leadership of President Obama, the economy has grown. Unemployment continues to go down, and weekly unemployment filings also follow that trend, dropping the week ending March 26 to the lowest level since July 2008 as lay-offs slowed.  The months of February and March has seen some  job growth.

The best indicator for our economic health is small businesses and according to the Financial Times ,  Small businesses – those with fewer than 50 employees – hired the most workers, adding 102,000 jobs. Medium-sized businesses added 82,000, while large businesses, which employ more than 500 workers, hired 17,000 new employees.

So maybe the reason why there hasn’t been much focus on the economic front is because it would point to an improving economy, something that would increase public satisfaction for President Obama and thus nullify the Republican chances of winning in 2012.

Don’t get your hopes up to soon though. The Republicans have a trick up their sleeve to ensure an economic slow down.  They intend to lay off thousands of employees from the federal government, there by sucking more  demand out of the economy. Most public employees spend all of their money into the economy, just like the private sector.  Without that demand, the economic engine will slow down and propel us back into negative jobs territory.

If that happens rest assured the Republicans and their think tanks will begin to talk about the economy again. This is their plan to set up for the 2012 elections. It’s not about what is best for the American people, it’s what is best for the Corporate Party, called the GOP.



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