As Gov Kasich’s Approval Tanks, Ohio House Passes Anti-Union Bill

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The Republicans are continuing their war on workers, this time it’s the middle class in Ohio they’re killing.

The Ohio House Republicans passed Republican Gov. John Kasich’s anti-union bill, also known as Senate Bill 5, late Wednesday afternoon, sending it to the Senate for approval of changes made to legislation aimed at limiting the collective bargaining rights of public workers. The Senate may vote on the revised version this evening.

This is all part of the Republicans governors’ unpopularity contest. Kasich, a former Fox News commentator and Lehman Brothers investment banker, has been diving in the polls since he first announced his unpopular plan to kill collective bargaining. On March 14, an Ohio poll showed that 53% of Ohioans wanted the budget balanced with tax increases and spending cuts, and only 40% approved of their Governor. But then on March 23, Quinnipiac University released a poll that showed that 46% disapprove of the way Kasich is handling his job, while only 30% approve.

That’s a pretty steep fall in a remarkably short time; but perhaps it’s not so special in modern day Republican circles. After all, wallowing among the noxious fumes of Bush’s low approval ratings upon leaving office seems to be contagious for Republicans, who refuse to give up W’s already proven failed economic policies. These days, instead of waiting for a year to show us all that they hate us and are incompetent, Republicans give it to us straight out of the gate.

ProgressOhio reports:

After nearly four hours of debate, the Ohio House of Representatives passed an amended version of Senate Bill 5, immediately prompting jeers and boos from the gallery.
The vote passed with 54 members voting in the affirmative, 44 members voting against the measure.

Republicans voting against the Bill were McGregor, Carey, Gardner, Johnson and Kozlowski. All Democrats voted against the Bill.

Speaker Batchelder had the gallery cleared by the highway patrol after the vote was cast. The bill immediately was returned to the Senate for their confirming vote.

While Kasich joins the ranks of exceptionally unpopular Republican governors like Scott Walker, Rick Scott and Rick Snyder in order to implement the nationally planned assault on the middle class and basic human rights, the people continue to show their displeasure, their outrage and their fortitude.

Even if the Senate passes this tonight, the Ohioan Republicans haven’t heard the last of it by any stretch of the imagination. The Republican Party deserves to be branded forever as a bunch of morally-bankrupt, feeble puppets on their knees to a corporate logo while they steal milk from babies.

A more shameful performance by a political party against the people I’ve yet to see.

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