Oopsie: Fox News Unwittingly Eviscerates Reagan Over Obama Easter Egg

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On Fox and Friends today, guest Laura Ingraham kicked off FNC’s Easter attack on Barack and Michelle Obama by suggesting that Obama is full of ego for handing out autographed commemorative Easter eggs as part of the White House Easter Egg Roll. Ingraham claimed that Laura Bush never did this, but she did and the tradition was started by Republican Ronald Reagan.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

While talking about the White House Easter egg roll on Fox and Friends, Laura Ingraham said, “These are eggs. Look at the video here. Those are the wooden eggs, but now they are sustainable hard wood certified hard wood meaning they are made out of particle board and are environmentally friendly. I’m kind of old fashioned. I’m from this little town in Connecticut. Why don’t they just do real eggs? Wouldn’t that be the most sustainable?”

Steve Doocy pointed out that if they used real eggs, somebody would save it, eat it a year later and sue the government.

Ingraham then attacked Barack and Michelle Obama for signing the Easter Eggs used in the egg roll, “But these eggs are signed, because when I think of Easter, I think signed eggs by Michelle and Barack Obama. I don’t think. I don’t know if Laura Bush signed eggs during the Bush administration, but it always kind of goes back to the branding. Cause I think the slogan for this Easter Egg roll, you know forget the whole thing about he has risen The slogan is Get Up and Go, so Let’s Move manages to find its own iteration and its own branding in every other holiday Christian holiday. It’s all tied to the Let’s Move campaign.”

Only the Obamas would be so arrogant as to give away autographed Easter Eggs to the kids….

Oh, ok then. Moving on…

In fact, tradition of handing out autographed Easter Eggs at the White House event began with Ronald Reagan, “Autographed eggs were hidden in the Egg hunt for kids to find during President Ronald Reagan’s reign. By affixing signatures to the commemorative egg, President George W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush became the first to do so. In 2010, eggs were made from recyclable paperboard to minimize waste and environmental impact. Also, the fruits and vegetables included for the event were organically grown.”

Ingraham also managed to work in an attack on Obama’s Christianity by suggesting that the White House is putting “their branding” ahead of Easter. Under the Constitution the White House should not be placing any religious holiday ahead of another, because to do would be walking down the path of endorsing and establishing an official state religion which would be a violation of the Constitution.

The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I know how much some of the self-described patriots hate the first phrase in the amendment, but Obama is actually upholding his oath of office by not turning Easter into National Worship Jesus Day (Annual Spring Edition).

Let’s recap this colossal Fox News misfire. First, they attack Barack and Michelle Obama for continuing a tradition started by Ronald Reagan. Then Laura Ingraham suggests that children be given real eggs, which could either make them sick, or they could choke on. She follows this up by becoming outraged that this American president has the audacity to actually uphold the Constitution.

Apparently, Obama is not a real American unless children are rolling about the White House lawn gasping for breath with egg yolks stuck in their throats in the name of Christ.

Now that’s the way a federally supported and endorsed Easter should be celebrated.

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