Hit the Road: Recall A Go For Wisconsin Republican Sen Hopper

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The voice of the people in Wisconsin is making itself heard against Governor Scott Walker and the Republican senators, who pushed Walker’s anti-union bill through utilizing a variety of seemingly illegal tactics, in the recall campaign against Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac), which appears to have enough signatures to force a recall election.

You will recall Randy as the senator whose wife and maid said they would sign for his recall or perhaps for getting his girlfriend a state job paying $11,000.00 more annually than the previous person made doing the same job. Or maybe you’ll remember Randy as the guy who claimed death threats were keeping him from attending a parade with is wife, only to be outed as having filed for divorce months ago.

Tom Tolan reports for the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

Scott Dillman, a former Department of Corrections employee who is one of the campaign’s coordinators, wouldn’t say directly Tuesday that volunteers had collected the 15,269 signatures required to force the election. But he said that volunteers were planning a last push for signatures on election day next Tuesday, and that he’s hoping that the total collected will be “closer to 30,000 than 15,000.”

Dillard said over the weekend that organizers plan a caravan to Madison when they collect the final signatures. Is that caravan planned for April 6, the day after the election?

That day is Dillman’s birthday, he said, and “I’m hoping to have a very good birthday.”

If the signatures are delivered that day to the state that day, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Board would have 31 days to review them. If it certifies them as adequate — and if there are no delays caused by challenges or other factors — an election could come as early as June. That would be a primary election, though, if either party fields more than one candidate.

I assume the organizers will be taking April 5 off to vote for Kloppenburg for supreme court, but will get right back to work for the final push. I’ve heard rumors that the Republicans’ recall efforts against the Democrats isn’t going as well, partly due to the fact that they brought in outsiders to coordinate the campaign, and of course, recalls need to be filed by people who live in the state. I’m sure the Koch brothers rectified that little glitch, but so far, the one thing they haven’t done in Wisconsin (sorry, Michigan) is take away voting rights.

Since Randy won a very narrow victory over his opponent in 2008, things aren’t looking good for him. If it wasn’t Walker’s anti-union bill, it was his failed family values and if it wasn’t that, it was his hypocrisy in getting his girlfriend hired by the state as he stole jobs away from his constituents.

Wisconsin state Senate Republicans sacrificed their careers on the altar of Governor Walker’s ambitions, but that’s to be expected as Republicans work within the autocratic system of serving their masters without question, taking orders from national think tanks and implementing policies and presenting legislation they don’t even understand sometimes, let alone believe in.

I’m sure the Koch brothers will reward Hopper with free toilet paper for life for his sacrifice, along with a cheesy job selling out the people at Persuasion Partners, the lobbying firm his girlfriend used to work for. So, basically there will be no difference between what Hopper is doing now and what he will be doing, but he won’t have that fancy title and, in a final act of irony, his girlfriend will be the only person sucking off the government as one of those lazy civil servants. Gosh, I sure hope she doesn’t get upset when she’s the breadwinner, I mean, she loves him, right?

Hey, Senator Hopper, this is what democracy looks like!

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