Tear Down This Dream: Gov LePage Rips Down Maine Labor Mural

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Dirty deeds done in the night by elected officials used to reference sexual misconduct, but these days it’s how Republicans govern. If they have something they want and the public doesn’t want it, or a judge tells them they can’t have it, they simply wait until the sun sets and then, while their trusting constituents sleep, the Republicans tear down the mural or publish the bill.

This past weekend, Maine Gov Paul LePage (R) ordered the stealthy tear down of the 11-panel labor mural in Department of Labor headquarters building in Augusta, Maine, in an act of vindictiveness aimed at the working class previously reserved for the Sarah Palins of the world.

The Maine AFL-CIO said removing the mural is an “insult to working men and women” and is another example of how LePage is putting politics before people.

Laura Boyett, the acting commissioner for the Maine Department of Labor, said the department received feedback that the building is “not perceived as equally receptive to both businesses and workers,” and is therefore removing the mural and renaming all of the conference rooms.

The Maine Press Herald reported:

When asked about the “feedback”, she said the Governor’s Office has received “several messages” from the public complaining about the mural. She released an anonymous fax dated Feb. 24 that apparently comes from someone who sat in the Labor Department lobby.

“In this mural I observed a figure which closely resembles the former commissioner of labor,” the person wrote. “In studying the mural I also observed that this mural is nothing but propaganda to further the agenda of the Union movement. I felt for a moment that I was in communist North Korea where they use these murals to brainwash the masses.”

The fax is signed “A Secret Admirer.”

However, Think Progress reported later that, “After dozens of news reports from local newspapers all the way to the New York Times reported the mural complaint was a fax, LePage is now claiming that it was in fact a letter, not a fax. Is unclear why LePage didn’t dispute these myriad reports until now.”

Upon this criticism written by someone so obtuse and paranoid that they thought they were in North Korea while staring at a Mural depicting American workers, LePage, who spends most of his time worried about anonymous people accusing him of being French Catholic, tore down that mural. If this isn’t good judgment, what is?

It’s tough to make the case that a mural showing the poor and downtrodden workers without rights is brainwashing Americans, unless the concern is that Americans might get ideas about having rights and freedoms.

It’s hard to justify how removing that pesky mural and its testament to history and renaming rooms that might offend corporations is a priority over jobs and worthy of ordering it to be ripped down in cover of night over the weekend. Why didn’t LePage spend the weekend addressing the economy if he has so much time to spare?

LePage, elected with just 38% of the vote, has already proven himself a disingenuous type, courting the Tea Party while denying his association with them and talking about how state workers make too much money while then giving his 22 year old daughter a job assisting him making $41,000 a year (that’s $10,000 more than an entry level teacher or police officer makes), plus free board. One wonders how the Tea Party feels about her salary. Has she “earned” it? Should a 22 year old who lives in the Governor’s mansion at the taxpayer expense be asked to be part of the “shared sacrifice” that parents across the nation are being told is their patriotic duty?

When things get sticky, LePage blames evil Democrats for things that never happened, like claiming they made racist remarks about his French Catholicism. Think of this as the Palin card; they hate me because I’m a French Catholic, not because I hate them and treat them with derision while I violate their trust.

The Tea Party should be happy, though, because LePage tore down that symbol of American justice and opportunity for all, the labor mural. Hopefully it will be replaced with a corporate logo, perhaps GE, and they can all worship the fact that GE pays no taxes, while taking great advantage of the things taxes provide them. We all know there’s nothing more American than starving our government, leaving our bridges to collapse, our military without necessary equipment, our schools bankrupt, and our police force emptied. And doesn’t it just feel good to punish those snarky, elitist teachers who corrected our grammar which is entitled to be respected even when it’s wrong?

Killing the American Dream in the Name of Profit:

The conservative dream of America as Mad Max is well under way but somehow none of it looks like Any Rand said it would. If he wasn’t doing anything wrong, why did Gov LePage tear down a testament to the American dream in the dead of night over the weekend?

We all await Governor LePage’s screeches of blood libel when called out for his latest misdeed.

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