Geoffrey Dunn Digs Down Deep Into Sarah Palin’s Pathology of Deceit

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As Sarah Palin wraps up her days-around-the-world-tour gaining “foreign policy experience” by staying holed up in her hotel room in India, Americans are braced for her eventual announcement that she is going to impose herself on us even more than she already does by running for President. The only question we have is will she run 3rd party or does she have something on the GOP that will force them to accept her doomed candidacy if their Huckabee-block plan doesn’t work.

At any rate, no matter how much we want her to go away, she refuses. We reject her as overtly as we can, and yet she refuses to get the message, so sure is she that she is God’s Chosen One, meant to lead the United States “back to Jesus” one vindictive slam at a time. The only fun we’re going to have during the upcoming Palin for President Debacle is taking bets on how low she’ll go to battle the “devil”, while sifting through the assault of words that never tie together in any recognizable manner.

Palin will of course never realize that with every insult she tosses into the President’s path, she’s merely revealing her own faults as her inability to be honest with herself causes her to project her secret shame onto others. After all, if there’s an anti-American agent of evil, divisiveness or terrorism, it’s residing within her. As for her language issues, if you think you’re tired of it, imagine having to transcribe it. We shall overcome.

Just in time for this race to the bottom, the Final Embarrassment the GOP can inflict upon this country, Geoffrey Dunn’s Palin book is going to be released early this May by St. Martin’s Press. His book is titled, “The Lies of Sarah Palin – The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power”.

Gloria Nieto interviewed Dunn about his book for the San Fransisco Chronicle, giving us a taste of the blood libel to come — from the lesbians who worship Palin to her governance based on “fear and retribution.” Ultimately, Dunn follows the only path someone can who researches Palin extensively: the pathology of Palin’s deceit. The depth of Palin’s deceit, her pathological inability to tell the truth about anything remotely related to her image, her past, her record, and even reality, is truly disturbing and as Dunn points out, can’t be adequately covered within the 24 hour news cycle.

The interview kicks off with Dunn talking about his familiarity with Alaska, so within moments of hearing that Palin had been announced as McCain’s VP choice, Dunn was able to place a call to Wasilla. He recalls, “When she was named McCain’s running mate in August of 2008, I made a single call to Irl Stambaugh–who was a friend of a friend–and whom Palin had fired as Police Chief when she became Mayor of Wasilla. I did an interview with him then and he told me her governance was based on “fear and retribution.”

Dunn talked about how the McCain campaign failed to vet Palin, saying that they ran her basics but, “They did not discover whether or not she was capable of serving as vice president–and more significantly, president of the United States. She was not and is not. Period. End of discussion.”

Many people have written about Palin, but most have had a hard time getting Alaskans to go on the record. Geoffrey says that not only did he get people on the record, but also, “I have been leaked thousands of pages of documents–from throughout Palin’s life–that no other journalist has ever seen.” Dunn also dispels the inaccuracy peddled by conservatives who defend Palin that the people who dislike her in Alaska are liberal Obama fans, “The vast majority of my sources–almost all of whom had the courage to go on the record–are Republicans…. People from across the political spectrum are saying: she has no clothes; she’s a fraud….”

Most of us watched with horror as Palin dragged her young son around the campaign trail on her book tours, bringing him out in the cold without socks, pants, or a hat when he was so susceptible to illness and keeping him up late at night when experts all agree that Downs Syndrome children do best with a set schedule. Dunn explained why that really got under his skin, “One of the things that really pissed me off early on in the Palin campaign was her latching on to the “special needs” issue because of her son, Trig. As you know, I have a so-called “special needs” child, and the thought of Palin serving in any way as a spokesperson for special needs kids or for families with special needs kids made my stomach turn….”

As we know now, Palin hasn’t done much for special needs children, so Dunn needn’t have worried about Palin branding the movement with her callous treatment of her son. Palin’s son is more a pro-life credential for her than an ongoing discovery she wants to share with others and certainly she has shown no interest in raising the public profile over challenges faced by parents of children with special needs.

Dunn’s concern with Palin’s negative impact on issues he cares about doesn’t stop there, though, because Palin’s Politifact Lie of the Year got under his skin for good reason. Dunn recalls, “When when she began rattling off about “death panels” in respect to Obama’s health care reform I hit the roof. It was a flat-out lie. As a survivor of very advanced and very aggressive colon cancer, I’ve had to deal with end-of-life decisions; I’ve had first-hand experience. You want to know who the death panels are? They’re the medical insurance companies that prevented me from getting a colonoscopy before I turned 50, even though I had moderate symptoms.”

While we all laugh when hearing another of Palin’s lies, her lies really aren’t very funny. Unfortunately, she lies about things that impact our public policy debates and she is an agent against freedom as represented by honest discussion of the issues. When Palin isn’t lying, she’s usually found engaging in her other favorite activity of mobilizing her aides to rush to her defense by viciously attacking anyone she feels has wronged her. Some of these aides behave as if they are in an abusive love affair with Palin, dropping their own families to cater to Sarah’s every need. This isn’t limited to the men who work for her. Dunn confirms that, “Several people have told me that some of Palin’s aides clearly had “girl crushes” on her.”

We’ve heard a lot about the vengeful nature of Palin’s fans, from their death threats to Senator Yee to their petty attacks on anyone who criticizes Palin, but Dunn says he’s not scared. He points out, “Sarah Palin is the one who’s really despised in Alaska, not me. Her favorability ratings have fallen through the floor. Plus, Palin is not well liked by law enforcement in Alaska, especially the Troopers…. I’m feeling pretty comfortable up there. Plus, Gary Wheeler, Palin’s former security detail gave me an insightful interview. They are all pretty tough guys. I have lots of friends from all over the state from all political persuasions. I’m feeling pretty safe.”

Dunn’s book promises to reveal more of “The Other Sarah” we’ve heard about from insiders. Palin’s path to fame and riches is littered with bodies, most of whom have never spoken out. It seems that may have changed with Dunn’s book, which is coming out just in time for a Palin announcement. Cue the canned goods toss. I can hear Palin’s rage from here.

Read the full interview here.

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