So Be It: Why Americans Shouldn’t Be Surprised By the Republican Agenda

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After approximately two-and-a-half months, the Republican majority in the House has demonstrated their unwillingness to work to create jobs, improve the economy, or help the American people. The situation is worse in states with Republican governors and majorities in the legislatures where the middle class is under assault and corporations are being given tax breaks that are wreaking havoc on state budgets.

Much of the spending-cut frenzy is exacerbated by members of the Tea Party in the House, but Republicans are complicit in the assault on every demographic except the extremely wealthy and corporations. At long last, Americans are waking up to the fact that Republicans are not working for the people’s benefit, and it is discouraging that it took a Republican victory in the midterm elections to comprehend the amount of damage they will inflict on Americans.

Many Americans are shocked that Republicans have caused so much damage in such a short time and are surprised that they have not fulfilled their pledge to create jobs. No-one should be surprised because the Republicans spent the previous two years obstructing the Obama Administration’s legislative agenda and they did it with great aplomb and indignation. The simple fact is that Republicans do not care about Americans unless they own corporations or are extremely wealthy.

During the first two years of the Obama presidency, Republicans blocked and held up legislation aimed at providing assistance for Americans. They obstructed banking reform, health care reform, jobs bills, and any measure meant to help or protect working class Americans. Throughout their two-year obstructionist run, they never gave justification for protecting financial institutions or the oil industry except that it was bad for the economy and killed jobs. Many voters fell for the notion that Republicans had to be in power to create jobs and jump start the economy so they handed control of the House to Republicans and teabaggers. The voters could have looked at Republican inaction in the 111th Congress to see what was in store for the country if they controlled the House.

Throughout Obama’s first two years in office, he invited Republicans to engage in discussion on how to grow the economy, create jobs, and serve the American people. The Republicans did not enter into discussions because they had absolutely nothing to offer except to say no to Democrats and the president. During the health care debate, Republicans’ only suggestion was to scrap the whole bill and start over slowly and take baby steps. It turns out that Republicans only ever wanted to scrap Democratic legislation. When Republicans could not block Democratic legislation, they maligned the laws that help Americans so they could garner support from racists and religious bigots who hate President Obama. As soon as the 112th Congress began, the Republican majority continued where they left off by attempting to repeal laws the previous Congress passed and they are just getting started.

Republicans pledged to create jobs and help the economy during the midterm campaign, but they began the legislative session with a repeal attempt and then an all-out assault on women’s reproductive rights. When Republicans finally got around to addressing the budget, their answer was for Draconian cuts to programs that affect millions of poor Americans. Some of the spending cuts will adversely hamper revenue collection as well as eliminate 700,000 jobs directly and another 300,000 indirectly. There is nothing Republicans have offered that will help the American people in this session of Congress or the last, and only ignorant voters believe otherwise. Perhaps Republicans’ supporters are confused as to the outcome of the spending cuts and corporate entitlements.

Do Republican and teabagger supporters really believe that cutting programs, slashing benefits, and enriching corporations is going to improve their quality of life or create jobs? Does forcing women to bear children improve an individual’s prospects for a decent living wage? When the House Committee legislated climate change out of existence, did Republican supporters think manufacturing jobs would return to America, or that their health care costs will go down? Republicans continue awarding subsidies and tax breaks to the oil industry in spite of the rising cost of gasoline at the pump and record profits. If Republicans would give a portion of their time and energy to working for the American people instead of the oil industry and corporations, maybe Americans’ lives would improve.

It is a fact of life that Republicans will never work for the American people regardless of the dire consequences to citizens. If a person unfamiliar with American politics were to look at both parties, they would easily discern that Republicans have contempt for working class and poor Americans and are going to great lengths to make matters worse and not better. There seems to be no limit to the depth of depravity Republicans are capable of, and as Republican governors continue their assault on the poor and middle class with education cuts, tax increases, and safety net elimination, life in America is getting more tenuous by the day.

Elected officials are supposed to be public servants that look out for and protect American citizens, but Republicans have proven to be the opposite of servants. Republicans pledged to create jobs and help the economy grow, but up to this point, they have eliminated jobs and handed out precious funding to the oil industry and corporations. Contrary to the Constitution’s separation of church and state, Republicans have worked tirelessly to legislate religion into the law and deny women the right to choose their own reproductive health. Republicans have not created one job in spite of tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy that they claim creates jobs. The corporate entitlements are at the expense of seniors, children, and the working poor, and Republicans are pushing to completely eliminate corporate tax for their donors.

Americans have witnessed ten years of Republican malfeasance and the prospects for change are non-existent. In the brief amount of time the 112th Congress has been in session, Republicans have caused more damage to the economy and people’s lives than they did during 8 years of the Bush Administration. They have refused to work with or compromise with Democrats or President Obama and have no regret for their despicable record or actions. Speaker of the House, John Boehner, perfectly articulated the Republican attitude regarding Americans and the potential job losses resulting from the drastic spending cuts. When told that the budget cuts would eliminate 700,000 jobs for Americans, Boehner smugly said, “So be it.” In other words, the Republican response to the dire consequences of their actions is, “I don’t care.” It is obvious that Republicans don’t care about America or its citizens now or in the past, and it is a shame they were given another chance to damage America.

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