Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann Disgrace Women’s History Month

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In 1987 both houses of Congress designated March as Women’s History month to recognize and highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.  The theme chosen this year for Women’s History Month is “Our History is Our Strength,”  and is meant to examine the changing cultural perceptions of women in society, and honor their contributions to all aspects of life. Although American women have contributed to all aspects of society, they do not enjoy equality with men, and are being assaulted by conservative legislators on behalf of the religious right.

There are many women in America who, despite their disparate origins, have distinguished themselves as intelligent representatives for all Americans to look up to. All women in America have had to overcome prejudice and stereotypes because men have not recognized females as being worthy of consideration as equals.  Women such as Hillary Clinton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Rachel Maddow, and Maya Angelou are intelligent ladies who represent the potential that all women have if given the respect and opportunities that white males enjoy. There are many other prominent American women who work tirelessly in government and as activists to promote humanitarian causes to ensure equal rights for all Americans. Those women are changing cultural perceptions in America and history will look kindly on their passionate advocacy and intelligence. Unfortunately, there are some prominent American women who represent greed, blind ambition, and abject stupidity and history will not look kindly on them.

For the past two years a small herd of women has emerged on the national stage that do not represent the high level of intelligence usually associated with women, and have, in fact, displayed the level of stupidity normally assigned to cognitively disabled morons. This group is led by the quitter Sarah Palin and history-challenged Michele Bachmann. Both women are the epitome of stupidity and have been joined by the likes of Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell as clueless, cold-hearted women more interested in money and notoriety than humanitarian causes. If this year’s theme is “Our History is Our Strength,” then history will prove this class of woman is weak, vindictive, and aggressively greedy for fame and fortune.  They are also Christian Conservatives.

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are the polar opposites of Clinton, Maddow and left-leaning women who distinguish themselves on the national and world stage. Palin in particular has been a divisive force in America and recently her own party is abandoning her in droves as they finally realize that she is so far-removed from reality that she is a liability. She has proven to be an embarrassment to Republicans and America, and her folksy Reagan references mask a disturbed psychosis that borders on illusions of grandeur. A thorough analysis of Sarah Palin can be found on this site under the “Top Sarah Palin Posts” tab and is worth a read to see the level of incompetence she has displayed over the past two years. Her partner in ineptitude, Michele Bachmann, although a sitting member of the House of Representatives, has proven herself to be just as stupid as Palin and just as ambitious for notoriety.

Bachmann claimed the Founding Fathers abolished slavery proving that she did not pay attention during the 8th grade Social Studies class, and just recently gave a speech claiming that the first conflict in the American Revolution took place in New Hampshire instead of Massachusetts. Bachmann fancies herself as a potential presidential candidate like Palin and regularly lashes out at President Obama for any number of policy decisions. Besides being stupid, both women are liars of the first order and seem unfazed when they are caught lying which shows a total lack of integrity, much less respectability.

It is also noteworthy that both women support bible-based policies that deprive women of their reproductive rights. They are also Republicans who consistently vote against equal pay for women and Bachmann has enlisted Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to advise House members on how to vote for legislation based on his interpretation of the Constitution. Bachmann is a fool for aligning herself with Scalia because he has categorically stated that women are not protected under the equal rights clause of the 14TH Amendment.  For some unknown reason, Republican women support candidates and politicians who are working tirelessly to deprive women of their rights and it is universal to all conservatives. Intelligent women would not vote for policies that are against their own self-interests or support candidates who promote corporatism and theocratic rule.

American women have made great progress in the past 30 years and it is because intelligent women have stood up to the male-dominated power structure and demanded equal rights. History will show that women aligned with liberal policies fought and won equal rights for all Americans. Women like Palin and Bachmann will be portrayed as power-hungry dimwits who helped the male-dominated politicians perpetuate inequality for women and helped force millions of Americans into poverty.

As Women’s History month winds down, it is hoped that young women and girls will look to women like Clinton, Maddow, Angelou, and Harris-Perry as models to aspire to. They are a credit to womanhood and have set a high standard for all Americans to emulate regardless of gender. Conversely, one hopes that women like Palin and Bachmann fade away so that no American has to witness the level of stupidity that they demonstrate every time they speak.

Americans can look with pride at the progress intelligent women have made throughout the course of our history. They can take the lesson to heart that regardless of fame, notoriety, or amount of money, it is intelligence, compassion and dedication that defines women in America. Palin, Bachmann and their cohorts in the tea party are an embarrassment to Americans and are not to be revered, but shunned as pariahs to the progress real women have made in American history.

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