Fox News Uses an Obama Birther To Report That Israel Loves Sarah Palin

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Fox News put more of their fair and balanced reporting on display this morning on Fox and Friends. The network labeled an Obama birther an Israel based reporter and allowed him to spend the segment explaining why Israel dislikes Obama, and favors Republican candidates like Sarah Palin.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Fox and Friends hosted a report by Aaron Klein who said, “You know it’s very interesting on the one hand Sarah Palin has long had an affection for Israel. We saw that even before she was a national face when there were pictures that emerged of Israeli flags in her office, of an Israeli-American lapel she was wearing, but listen there are a lot of presidential contenders, even Barack Obama before the 2008 elections who came to Israel. It’s become at this point almost as important a stop as going to Iowa. Mike Huckabee has been here quite a few times, so it could very well be because in the American public both in regard to Republicans and Democrats Israel , the Middle East, foreign policy really resonates, so a lot of people are speculating that because she is here this might be a sign that she could be running in 2012, or at least mulling a run.”

After Steve Doocy quoted Palin saying she would have been more decisive on Libya, he asked a birther if Israel likes Palin. Not surprisingly, Klein answered, “You know, I’ll tell you, right now in Israel, there is a lot of opposition to President Obama’s policies. In particular his demand that Israel halt all Jewish construction, which means settlement activity in the West Bank, and the eastern sections of Jerusalem. A lot of people here kind of see him as lopsided on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict leaning more on the Palestinian side. Even some fear that the Palestinians might unilaterally declare a state, and that Obama might back that. So they favor at this point a lot the Republican candidates, or rhetoric certainly coming out of the GOP, with regard to Israel and the Middle East.”

He continued, “Sarah Palin is here at a very tenuous time for Israel. I mean you look at the revolutions in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Algeria, right now in Libya, so there is concern, and certainly the polls have shown within the Israeli public, they don’t favor Barack Obama too much. They don’t so much about Sarah Palin, but they know she loves Israel, and here that really resonates.”

In 2008 Aaron Klein also claimed that the Obama campaign defaced Israel’s holiest site, the Western Wall in Jerusalem with their campaign posters. Klein has also claimed that Obama will not allow criticism of his Wiki page regarding his birth certificate, and just today that Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie is involved in a Marxist plot to cover up Obama’s birth certificate.

Aaron Klein never mentioned specifically the polls he was referring to that showed Obama as unpopular in Israel. A Haaretz-Dialog poll conducted last March found that, “A sweeping majority of Israelis think his treatment of this country is friendly and fair. The poll also found that most Israelis don’t believe politicians who call Obama anti-Semitic or hostile to Israel, or who say he is ‘striving to topple Netanyahu.’”

Fox News uses a noted birther, and didn’t bother to disclose Klein’s work for World Net Daily, who then not surprisingly reports that Israel hates Obama, and loves Sarah Palin. Klein also managed to shade his report to indicate that Obama supports the Palestinians, but left out his belief that Obama is a secret Muslim who isn’t an American citizen.

By the way the only poll out there that shows Sarah Palin is popular in Israel was a 2010 Internet poll that showed her as the favored Republican candidate for 2012. What’s going on here is a political trick that presidents and would be president’s have used forever. Palin’s popularity abroad is being ginned by Fox News in the hopes of boosting her cratered approval ratings in the US. This is a nice little campaign being conducted by FNC to try to convince their viewers that Palin should get the GOP nomination in 2012.

Despite the fact that they employ about half of the potential Republican field for 2012, Fox News is going to set the propaganda machine on high for Palin. FNC is more than willing to disguise birthers as reporters, and refer to vague anonymous poll numbers if that is what it will take to get their “chosen one” elected and Obama out of office.

This is fair and balanced election coverage, Fox News style.

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