Chris Matthews Kneecaps Sarah Palin’s Look At Me I Can Be President Too Tour

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On Hardball, host Chris Matthews along with guests David Corn and Eugene Robinson got all Tonya Harding on Sarah Palin’s celebrity swing through India and Israel. Matthews hit Palin for being a Christian yet skipping Bethlehem. David Corn compared the trip to Charlie Sheen doing a video and calling it Shakespeare, and Matthews said that expecting Palin to read a book was setting the bar too high.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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My how the media attitude on Sarah Palin has changed since 2008. Here is what Chris Matthews had to say about Palin’s performance in the 2008 VP debate with Joe Biden, “I think she’s an extremely appealing politician. Her energy level was much better than Biden’s. I think Biden lost a little speed there during the evening. I think she came across terrific in terms of presentation.”

Using Chris Matthews as our example, how did Palin go from getting a free pass in the media to now being justifiably criticized by both the left and the right? What many old hand politicos on both sides saw in Sarah Palin was a person with natural talent, and they were thinking that if she went back to Alaska after 2008, studied up, and worked hard, she could be a viable presidential candidate in 2012.

Much of the disenchantment with Palin from the Bill Kristol, George Will, and Chris Matthews types comes from the fact that she has chosen to take the lazy way out, and not study. She is not interested in picking up a newspaper or a book. She is happy with getting into celebrity feuds with the likes of Kathy Griffin, attacking the media from her undisclosed Twitter and Facebook secret locations, and generally polluting our national political dialogue with her divisive, half baked, hate filled ideas.

Sarah Palin has completely wasted any credibility and political talent that she once had. She is now the political equivalent of Charlie Sheen. She could have been so much more, but she is instead a rambling, babbling, mess of a human being, who is a source of national embarrassment. (Speaking of Charlie, he has a better chance of ever being elected president than she does, at least according to recent polling).

Palin deserved all the mocking that she got from Matthews, Corn, and Robinson. Sarah Palin is a stunted child who is still contesting the 2008 election. The nation has changed and grown. Sarah Palin has not. Besides picking up a paycheck in India, the purpose of her little jaunt was to say to America, “Look at me, I can be president too. If Obama can do it, I can do it.” Her threat to us is that if we won’t pay attention to her and her worn out drill, baby drill sideshow, she’ll go overseas and make us pay attention to her.

Sarah Palin has become the political equivalent of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. America regrets the one night stand they had with Palin, but now she has broken into our house and is ready to boil our bunny. Sarah Palin is America’s ultimate political stalker. It all makes you wonder where Michael Douglas is when we need him most.

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