What India Really Thinks About Sarah Palin and 2012

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So, you thought maybe the nation had recovered from the international humiliation of George W Bush when we elected the erudite and diplomatic Barack Obama, but of course, you had no way of knowing then that the hockey mom was going to insert herself into our national political dialogue as the Demagogue of Middle America to the extent that she did. What I’m trying to tell you as gently as I can is that India, and perhaps other nations, think Sarah Palin represents middle America.

As covered earlier here, Palin was in India yesterday reminding Americans of why foreigners think we’re all stupid. Let’s hear how your average person in India, for some perspective, views Palin.

India Reloaded:

One young lady described the nation’s general reaction to Palin, “Since I don’t know who Sarah Palin is, I don’t think anybody cares.” A young man followed her with, “I don’t consider myself politically informed, but I know people who are, and I pretty sure that they wouldn’t know or care who Sarah Palin was.” Another man summed up Palin’s irrelevance, “If she would have been vice president or President of the United States of America then her comments or her solutions would have made a difference to Indian people, or Indian politics.”

They saw Palin‘s chances for 2012 as, “I don’t think it would be a very good thing if Sarah Palin becomes president for the world.” They also said, “I don’t look forward to seeing another George Bush, so I hope that doesn’t happen.” To one Indian woman Sarah Palin the bad mother would equal Sarah Palin the bad president, “I wouldn’t place too much sanctity to a person who can’t even take care of her own five children, and maybe not impart their values to be practically the most important person in the world.”

So there you go India has spoken, and there are telling America to just say no to Sarah Palin.

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