Glenn Beck Warns Re-election of Obama in 2012 Will Result Destruction of U.S.

Mar 19 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Glenn Beck went on his radio show on March 18 to ask, “What happens if Obama is re-elected?” The answer he arrived at is, “If this president is re-elected in 2012, there is no way we as a nation survive in any form that we understand.” Listen to Glenn Beck indulge in an orgy of paranoia and fantasy. “This guy will have no breaks on,” he warns; “You think it’s been bad so far.” And of course, what bit of Glenn Beck rumor-mongering can be free of George Soros and his evil Jewish influence.

There is more here of the “he’s not one of us meme” of course. Beck does not understand what the Obama administration is doing with regards to Libya: “It’s enough to at least give you reasonable doubt that we have a president who is operating on a completely different global agenda than any other president has ever operated on” and of course it is “not in our interest.”

Of course not, Glenn. If it was in your interest it would not be in the best interest of the United States so we will take comfort from your confusion.

And of course, on the same theme, Glenn Beck from his March 17 episode:

“You know and I know this president is a lefty and look what he has done to this country in two years.”

Yes, he has slowed, if not stopped, the slide toward a right-wing theocratic dictatorship. But what does Glenn complain about? Regulation. “Everything is being regulated.” Not like what the Republicans want, right Glenn? Regulating our private lives? When Glenn says “No one is standing for the truth” he is certainly speaking of himself.

Misdirection. Lies and misdirection, Mr. Beck. Or shall I call you “Mr. Göbbels”?

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