You Can Run But You Can’t Hide: The Spirit of Wisconsin Swarms DC

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Wisconsin Senate Republicans flew to DC last night to wine and dine with their corporate buddies and celebrate the death blow they dealt the working people. It was a $1,000.00 a head fund raising event, so you can imagine the fun. The boys needed to refill their coffers, especially now that they face recall campaigns and where better to serve your state than in the BGR Group whore house – er, I mean, BGR Group lobbyist central — of America.

The Republicans were all set to hide out with the lobbyist pimps and suckle Dom with gloat on the side, when wouldn’t you know it, those union thugs followed them to DC! A legislator can’t go anywhere these days after raping the people. You’d have though they committed a crime or something.

Listen to what the people had in store for them, courtesy of MetroDC Council AFLCIO:

The loud, insistent chants of, “What’s disgusting? UNION BUSTING!” and “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” reverberated throughout the plaza.

MetroDC Council AFLCIO reported:

Chanting “This is what democracy looks like!” hundreds of protesters — fired up by the inspiring battles of workers in Wisconsin — broke through security lines and took over the atrium of the downtown DC building where lobbyists were holding a fundraiser for Wisconsin GOP leaders. The protesters quickly filled up the multi-story space and swarmed up the sweeping staircase overlooking the atrium, dropping a large banner beneath a statue reading “Respect workers rights!”

As bemused office denizens — and no doubt fundraiser attendees — peered out their windows, a sea of signs waved and bobbed as exultant demonstrators shrilled whistles and cheered, their chants echoing off the marble walls. “What’s disgusting?” came the chant; “Union busting!” roared back and rose in the hall, along with shouts of “Shame! Shame!” ….

Metro Council President Jos Williams congratulated the protesters for “liberating this building from the forces of greed and tyranny” and declared the atrium “Freedom Central.”

The police had to shut down the block because the angry people flooded the streets. And it turned out those folks weren’t just from Wisconsin — nope. The union busting Republican clowns from Wisconsin made friends all over America when they revoked civil rights that even Egyptians now have, as of today. Hey, that’s America under the GOP! Drill, baby, drill!

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO reported:

But hundreds of members of the Metropolitan Washington (D.C.) Council AFL-CIO and progressive allies overflowed the sidewalks to the point where police were forced to shut down the block. Demonstrators also took over the atrium of the building where BGR is housed.

Jonathan Backer, who traveled from Kenosha for the protest told ABC News.

It’s such a good representation of what’s wrong with our democracy right now. There’s so much corporate power in our democracy where literally seconds after one of the worst anti-labor decisions that’s ever happened in the Midwest, you’ve got a big fundraiser going on here, right here in D.C.

Good going, Republicans. Keep it up. Every where you go, they will follow you. They will haunt you. After all, they got nothing else to do now that you’ve stolen their rights away. You can run, boys and girls, but you can’t hide.

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