Dillards Department Store Is Pallin’ Around with Religious Terrorists

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If you care about women’s rights, you might want to steer clear of Dillards Department Store because for the second year in a row, the Houston Dillards is sponsoring a Heroic Media event. Heroic Media might ring a bell because Republicans Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee speak for them frequently. Heroic Media is a virulent anti-choice organization that uses stunningly disingenuous billboards to terrorize women. Heroic Media founder Brian Follett has likened Planned Parenthood’s work to “genocide.” Apparently Brian is unfamiliar with the laws here in the USA.

You have to wonder if Brian were a Muslim how his company’s attempts to terrorize women out of their legally protected rights based on his religion would be received. The Heroic Media owner also owns Life Always, which shares the same address as Heroic Media. Life Always is responsible for this billboard in Manhatttan last month:

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

I probably don’t need to tell you that this far right organization suggests that Planned Parenthood – and by the way, 97 percent of services provided by Planned Parenthood’s 865 clinics are made up of preventive care — is guilty of genocide. Yes, genocide. And yet when you google Heroic Media, you get pictures of Sarah Palin, who is no stranger to the lie of the year herself. Speaking of the pallin’ around with terrorists darling, guess who helped pay for this atrocity? Yes, Sarah Palin helped fund the offensive billboard through one of her well paid fundraising speeches.

Life Always claimed the ad was inspired by words Palin used in her speech about protecting our “littlest sisters.” This shouldn’t surprise anyone who is familiar with Palin’s issues with races other than white and her particular, well documented problems with African Americans. The billboard had to be taken down after the mother of the girl whose picture they used demanded that they take it down, even though they had purchased the rights to her photo through stock images legally.

Sofia Resnick of the American Independent reported:

Both Heroic Media and the Dillard’s branch insisted that the partnership is not political. Dillard’s Memorial City manager Stephen Brophy said the store accepted the request to sponsor a fashion show because another branch had done one at a previous store and it was successful.

“We try to not get too political,” Brophy said. “We’re about fashion. We try to appeal to the masses.”

Brophy said he didn’t know much about Heroic Media and didn’t seem to be aware that its focus was on abortion issues. For example, he asked The American Independent if Heroic Media supports abortion rights.

Last fall’s sold-out Dillard’s fashion show in Austin was attended by nearly 200 people and raised approximately $45,000 to go toward an Austin-focused campaign, Speirs said. She wouldn’t speculate on how many attendees are expected at next month’s fashion show in Houston –- registration is still open through March 31 –- but Brophy said he is expecting between 400 and 500 attendees.

Perhaps Mr Brody of Dillards can afford to not care about the politics of terrorism that he’s supporting, but I’m guessing that if the Heroic Media were advocating that men have their medical rights taken away from them, it would be another story. Perhaps Mr Brody would like to let a bunch of strangers impose their religion on him when he’s faced with end of life decisions. Maybe he should fund a Muslim Sharia Law fundraiser next and see how well “We try not to get too political” goes over.

After an outcry from Dillard’s shoppers opposed to Heroic Media’s racially-motivated messages, Dillards is trying to stuff the outrcy against their partnership with Heroic Media back into the bottle. The company issues the standard, “Dillard’s does not take any position with respect to social or political issues,” distancing email, but as Sam Smith explained on Scholars & Rogues,

“Dillard’s does not take any position with respect to social or political issues.” Depends on how we define the terms, doesn’t it? They can argue that they have a stated policy to the effect that they take no partisan positions, which is nice. But remember, this is America, where the Supreme Court has decreed that corporations are persons and money is speech. I’m not being even remotely disingenuous when I say that if you support something financially, then you are, by definition, taking a position.

The folks who endorse Heroic Media are not exactly heroic, either: Oliver North, Fox News correspondent and decorated Marine, but also convicted of three felonies associated with Iran Contra, which were later vacated, Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop and protector of sexual abusers of children, and Bill O’Reilly, Fox News host and sexual harasser in the infamous falafel scandal.

I’m surprised to see some of their names anywhere near purported concern for any minority, but not surprised to see their names near attempts to manipulate vulnerable people into buying into their extremist religious agendas, which happen to involve morals we’d all appreciate any attempts they could make to emulate in real life. What’s the difference between Muslims imposing their religious beliefs upon Americans via Sharia Law and the far right’s attempts to impose their religious beliefs upon Americans? Oh, that’s right. Only one of those two things is actually happening.

Sure looks to me like Dillards is pallin’ around with terrorists.

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