A Snickering Scott Walker Warns MN Gov Against Supporting His Bill

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Yesterday while Scott Walker struggled to take off his mic after an interview in Hudson, Wisconsin, he kept answering questions. When asked whether Minnesota’s Democratic Governor Mark Dayton ought to support Walker’s controversial anti-union bill — because it involves Wisconsin repaying Minnesota money that it owes — Walker told a reporter with a snicker that Dayton ought to know what else is in the bill first before supporting it.

Courtesy of the Uptake:

I guess Walker is snickering because Governor Dayton pledged to oppose the anti-labor legislation that Republican lawmakers keep introducing. On Feb 23, MAPE.org reported:

Governor Dayton was the lead speaker at the “solidarity rally for Wisconsin workers” organized by the Minnesota AFL-CIO. It drew what appeared to be the largest crowd to an indoor assembly at the Capitol in years, according to the Pioneer Press. The crowd was estimated at 2,000-people strong. “We don’t need to be Wisconsin because drastic, extreme measures will not become law here … because I’m here,” the governor was quoted in the Pioneer Press.

Maybe Walker doesn’t understand that not everyone will sell their soul for a few bucks. I’m sure Minnesota would like to be repaid the money due them, but I’m just as sure that Governor Dayton would never have supported stealing that money from the workers of Wisconsin.

Did Walker mean to be caught on tape snickering disdainfully and contemptuously over Governor Drayton? See, this is why the modern day Republicans aren’t allowed to do media other than Fox. The rest of America isn’t as enamored of the ugly hearts of modern day Republicans as Fox watchers. Frankly, the smirking snickers of the Bush Walker Palins are offensive, especially coming from such poorly informed bottom dwellers.

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