Voices of Wisconsin: The Human Cost of Union Busting – Video

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Hear them Scott Walker

Watch the human cost of public sector workers losing their collective bargaining rights in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. These hard working folks used all of their resources to make this video, to have their voices heard since their Governor and the Republicans in the state Senate will not listen to them.

While we all understand the economic impact of union busting as well as the liberty at risk with the union busting bills around the country, I doubt we can imagine the visceral, sudden impact this will have on people who’ve worked hard all of their lives.

I hope you share this with others. As we continue this fight, we must never forget these voices.

Voices of Wisconsin:

Voices of Wisconsin from Mike Magnuson on Vimeo.

Directed by Seth Townsend
Director of Photography: Chris Cowell
Produced by Mike Magnuson

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