Late Night Snack: Scott Walker’s Campaign of Bad Leadership-Video

Mar 15 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

For your late night snack, I thought we’d take a walk down memory lane with two campaign ads from Walker’s run. The first is anti-Walker and gives you a taste of his misdeeds prior to the Totalitarian State he’s imposed on Wisconsin. The second is a pro-Walker ad, important for the promises he made and the way he made them. Never forget what a liar looks like, people.

It’s ironic that Walker got his start via a recall campaign for the seat he took as county executive, which serves as another warning – when you’re really mad at one leader, you can forget to examine the next. This is also how Sarah Palin got elected in Alaska, though not via recall — but out of disgust with “business as usual” over a corrupt Governor. I’m sure Alaska never imagined the fresh-faced Palin would wreak the havoc she did.

Watch out for the empty-headed puppets; they’re ambitious and easy to control and stupid enough to believe they have ultimate authority. Never a good combo in a leader.

Scott Walker’s Brown Bags of Bad Leadership: the warning signs were all there.

And here’s Walker promising to “Taking Our Government Back” — Guess he meant give it to the Koch Brothers and Walkerstan Kingdom.


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