Late Night Snack: Crowds Scott Walker Doesn’t Want Anyone To See-Video

Mar 14 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

While Scotty Walker hides in his castle tower, down below hundreds of thousands swarm the Capitol. Here’s a quick look at the crowds. Shhhh, don’t tell Scotty. He’s sure they’re all going to be pleased with him. I have no idea why he’s telling the press that, except that he’s busy spinning his bow down to the Koch as a fiscal move — when in reality, collective bargaining that he killed does nothing for his “budget” woes. He doesn’t want the media or the people to know just how many people are protesting him because the facts defy his slick attempts at selling his corporate bought narrative.

If Scotty would have learned how to generate revenue as a CEO, he wouldn’t be in this position because no CEO would stop making money and think they could subsist and grow on cuts alone. However, Scotty was never a CEO, he dropped out of college, and he clearly isn’t interested in revenue or budgets.

But one day he’s going to be very interested in recalls. Even Kings can be brought down from the tower, Scott. And when they finally meet the people, and have to face them eye to eye, things don’t go well. Scott says he’s a Christian, but I can’t imagine what kind of Christian tosses his flock into the poorhouse with no compassion, and no empathy. Shame on him.

Here are the crowds Scott Walker doesn’t want anyone to see. They are teachers, social workers, farmers, students, police, firefighters, teamsters, actors, singers, artists — they are Americans with real lives at stake.

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