Dan Burton Demonstrates Abject Stupidity by Wanting to Invade Mexico

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Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana's 5th District

We did it before and by Zachary Taylor we can do it again! Git ‘er done, boys! To the Halls of Montezuma we go!

Yep. In a surprise move, Indiana Rep. Dan Burton (R) – a man this Indiana resident takes no responsibility for whatsoever – decided we need to go to war not with Syria, not with Iran, but with Mexico. We’ll outflank terrorism and hit them in their frijoles.

Why? Well they’re smuggling all those drugs across the border in anuses of human drug mules, that’s why! Or lobbing them across the border in catapults! By golly it’s gotten so bad we can feel the pressure in our bowels here in Indiana.

No, it’s not Hoosierdom’s finest hour, but it’s about on a par with what you can expect out of any Republican-controlled state these days: abject stupidity.

Rep. Burton proclaimed on the House floor that we are “at war” and he wasn’t whistling Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s hopping mad that the damned feds who are to blame for everything else the Tea Party is doing to this country, won’t allow our brave agents to enter Mexico armed to the teeth.

“We shouldn’t be asking our CIA, DIA, DEA agents to go into Mexico to fight the drug dealers…and tell them they don’t even have a weapon to protect themselves.”

We need to make like Zachary Taylor or Black Jack Pershing!

We’re in a war down there on that border. If you talk to the people in Texas, they will tell you — there is a war between us and the drug dealers and the thugs that are coming across that line into our country. And, there’s a high suspicion that we’re seeing al-Qaeda and Taliban type terrorists coming across the border into the United States.

It’s a war make no mistake about it — the Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said — and it’s happening on American soil. In this country! […] We’re never going to solve that border problem unless we realize that it’s an area that we have to focus on, that it’s a war, and that our citizens are in danger down there.

Cautionary note to warmongering congressman Burton: this is the lampooning General Zachary Taylor, a Whig (proto-Republican) got for his glorious deeds in the Mexican War in an 1848 cartoon.

"An Available Candidate. The One Qualification for a Whig President"

Ironically, that war was not started by Whigs but by a Democratic president, James K. Polk.

And yes, there is a “high suspicion,” but by FOX News, not federal agencies, and absolutely zero evidence for this terrorist invasion. We’ve seen these nonsense claims made before, as when FOX News claimed last summer that the federal government wasn’t letting poor defenseless Arizona protect itself from a heinous attack by these deadly-unemployed-anuses stuffed with drugs- migrant terrorists.

So here we have a supposedly sane and responsible congressman from Indiana proposing the sort of insane activities that the sane and responsible Republican congressman from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln, opposed (Lincoln opposed going to war with Mexico in 1846, saying it was unprovoked. Lincoln and other Whigs pointed out that Americans had not been killed in the United States but in Mexico.

And one hopes that Representative Burton knows this full well and is lying rather than stupid: we are not sending unarmed agents to Mexico to fight anyone. Brian Terry, the federal agent who was recently killed in Mexico wasn’t there to “fight the drug  dealers” but for a training exercise.

Representative Burton is apparently about as well educated as is the norm for Republican politicians. He probably isn’t aware that we don’t do that because it’s against Mexican law. And can you blame them? We did, after all, invade them before. Isn’t it enough that we have armed citizens militias and proponents of violent solutions on our own side of the border looking for people to torture and kill? Do we have to do the same thing on the other side as well?

Burton also flies in the face of recent evidence that as CBS News reported last summer, the U.S.-Mexican border is safer than ever.

Nervous Mexico: This is what happens when armed Americans enter Mexico

Dear Representative Burton, sending armed people into another country is a violation of the border. It might even be termed an act of invasion. Mexico is justifiably nervous about that, you know. We’ve been a bullying and untrustworthy neighbor in the past. I realize international law doesn’t mean much to Republicans. They like to invade other countries. Dammit, it’s un-American if we don’t, but isn’t it time to put breaks on this rhetoric before we become exporters of right-wing terrorism? It’s time for the world to face the facts: the Republicans have no idea of a foreign policy or diplomacy that does not include guns and killing people.



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