On Their Path to Reaganness, Scott Walker and Sarah Palin Become Nixon

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The parallels between Walker and Palin are striking: Two young fundamentalist “Christians,” with beady, ravenous eyes set not on their state, but on the White House. Two young, attractive poster puppets for the uber right wing conservative base, who managed to sell themselves as reasonable, moderate people until they got their grasping Nixonesque hands near power. Two people who served in smaller government positions and displayed their reckless attitude toward the law in those positions, but managed to overwhelm any murmurs of trouble with extra does of charm while running for governor. And of course, the modern day Republican Party loves nothing more than a cardboard cut out of “Christian conservative” charisma to serve as the Trojan horse for their ruinous corporatist agenda.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. As Palin said when confronted with violating the law as mayor, “I’ll do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.” Yes, nothing says modern day fundy Christian conservative like abject disregard for the law and a ruthless hand on the wheel of power.

Like Walker, Palin was merciless as governor in pursuing her agenda, and her agenda had nothing to do with the conservative values she sold. Neither do Walker’s. Like Walker, Palin sacrificed her promise to her state when the big boys came calling; instead of the gas pipeline for Alaskans she had ran on, in January of 2008, Palin changed course and sold out to TransCanada. This deal didn’t become apparent until May of 2008, and it’s only in retrospect that we see her talks with high-level Republicans starting in January of that year. The dangling carrot of higher ambitions swung in the wind and a greedy Palin snatched it up it with nary a thought about the people she had sworn to serve. After all, she was destined for better things.

And so Walker does to his state with his preening references to himself as Reagan and embarrassingly obsequious performance with the Koch brother prank, which also references the inexperienced Palin’s over-inflated sense of herself causing her to fall for a Canadian DJ’s prank. The RGA, funded in large part by Fox News this past year, obviously had an agenda to derail unions across the country. This isn’t a fiscal matter, no matter how well they’ve sold that meme to their rabid followers. It’s an ideological, partisan agenda to disempower the people and privatize government; it represents another huge power shift to corporations.

If you’ve followed Palin’s career, the similarities are eerie. Palin ran Alaska like a dictator. Even as Mayor of Wasilla, she was subject to an early recall attempt as she fired public employees with cruel and reckless ambition, and as much as she denies it now, fired the librarian after asking her “rhetorically” to ban some books. The librarian was brought back after outrage from the citizens. But the list of the stomped-upon citizens of Alaska and indeed, the public officials who served her, is too long to enumerate. Suffice it to say that it’s much longer than her celebrity feud list, and that list is over 87 people to date.

Feuds with the “liberal elite” like unions (gag here) are the bread and butter of the modern day grifting conservative puppet, no matter their last name or their sex, the game is the same. Pick a fight with someone the Right hates (so many to choose from, so little time) and bask in the counter-attacks. Stoke the seeds of small-minded resentment in your followers. Whip up hate. Use Jesus’ good name as cover. Money, power and fame will follow. And beneath the puppet’s glory bus are the bloodied sacrificial lambs, crushed under the relentlessly rolling wheels of their ambition.

Walker’s lock out took the cooperation of the Senate Republicans and the chaos we are watching, the sleazy late deals and 6 minute assemblies to pass bills and the skulking out in the night will be theirs to own, while Walker’s fundy Christian conservative star will shine brightly for cash on a national level, just as is Palin’s.

And when someone needs to take the fall for Walker, and they will, whether it’s the emails he doesn’t release (like Palin, like Bush, like Nixon), the CREW charges of improper use of troopers, the violation of the state constitution by taking away collective bargaining without bargaining and only to some unions – whatever crap falls down on the benighted king’s head will roll down onto the Senate Republicans and one or more of them will be thrown under the bus. For reference, they might read up on Palin’s Troopergate debacle and the failure of her administration to acknowledge subpoenae. Did a hair of Palin’s head get mussed?

The Wisconsin Lock Out will end some careers, but Walker’s won’t be one of them. Walker will abandon Wisconsin as soon as the first national offer comes a-callin’, leaving Wisconsin devastated in his wake, much as Palin left Alaska. And while conservatives adore them some Walker Palin, moderates in the country do not. But then, the far right exists off of the division and hate they sow, taking pride in the outrage they manufacture with their heavy-handed, authoritarian power grabs and imposition of their contemptuous valuations of most Americans. They live off of hate, and by this measure, Walker is set to be the next Palin, just as unions are the new Muslims for the Right.

Walker shares with Palin the rage filled need to impose their rigid beliefs onto others; Walker wants to and intends to criminalize abortion even for rape victims and women who will die without one, even if the fetus is not going to survive the birth. They call this position “pro-life” but it is, in fact, fanaticism — the hell fire and brimstone of the gypsy con artist at the circus. Palin and Walker are the crazy mirror’s distorted version of Christianity, where it’s OK for Palin to have let 250 people die in her state due to her incompetence and neglect, just as Walker is killing the middle class in his, taking the fish from the poor and giving it to the wealthy men in hopes that they will knight him.

Walker also shares with Palin a penchant for the petty and an unbecoming self-pity coupled with the propensity to just make things up in order to garner sympathy from their followers. Walker wrote in a fundraising letter sent last night that protesters “broke windows” in the Capitol, barricaded Assembly doors and made death threats as the opposition became increasingly “nasty.” According to DOA reports, no windows were broken, however protesters did disable some of the screws Walker had installed to barricade the windows shut during the protests, which he did in direct violation of a court order to leave the Capitol open – much like Palin continues to this day to harass her ex-brother-in-law, he of Troopergate infamy, even after a Judge ordered her years prior to quit harassing him and quit abusing his children by slandering him to them. The DOA confirmed one death threat sent to a Senator, but that person has already been identified. My response is really? Only one? Unions are obviously not the Tea Party.

And who can forget Palin’s “blood libel” after her crosshairs in the wake of the Arizona massacre. Here, too, Scott Walker sought to make prank phone calls illegal in Wisconsin after being pranked, as if somehow it were other people’s fault that he made a fool of himself and admitted that he was going to set the Senate Democrats up by tricking them. I’m sure Walker is all for O’Keefe et al videotaping unsuspecting people with the goal of destroying the business they work for, and then editing those tapes to suggest things that never occurred in order to implicate them time and time again. Yes, that’s OK, but a prank phone call is not. Walker appears to share the need to destroy his enemies with Palin as well.

Both Palin and Walker struggled in school, with Walker dropping out of college after being caught cheating in an election numerous times, and Palin transferring to 5 or 6 colleges until she found one where the students were mostly white (the Hawaiians were not “glamorous” enough for her with their brown skin) and the classes to her liking. We’ve never seen her degree, though, and one does need to wonder, given Palin’s pathological inability to tell the truth.

They say we shall know them by their fruits, and so the wreckage they leave behind in their home states speaks volumes about their true agenda and indeed their phony servants’ hearts. If you think this is about fiscal policy differences, remember that Palin left Alaska reeling with a 70% debt to GDP ratio and she grew government. The promised gas pipeline is no more. The list of backroom deals and missing checks is too long to document in one article. Both Scott and Sarah also share transparency problems, and the noxious whiff of lawsuits and ethics violations follow them wherever they go.

This is what it looks like when Hurricane Ambition rolls in on a “small government, fiscal conservative” Trojan horse. Palin grabbed McCain’s coattails and clung on just long enough to stab him in the back mid-campaign and yet is still nursing her resentment for what she views as his failure to get her into the White House. No matter, she settled that score by wearing a hat with his name sharpied out while posing on the beach for the TMZ paparazzi, conveniently not on the private beach, but out where they could catch her dignified and Christian “fu** you , Johnny.” I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Walker about how tough these past few weeks have been for him and how he’s been blood libeled by the liberal elite (aka: unions, aka: Americans, aka: human beings who work for a living). Sigh.

Walker, like Palin, is a soulless sell out. Scott Walker and Sarah Palin have nailed themselves to the Reagan cross with made-for-TV fake gold bristles of smugness, donning thorns of perpetual self-pity atop their heads, when in fact they have more in common with the utterly false denial of another Republican; Richard Nixon. They have the history to prove it along with the neon dollar sign imprinted on their foreheads for those with eyes to see it. Walker and Palin share Nixon’s mantra, “People react to fear, not love; they don’t teach that in Sunday School, but it’s true.” And for good measure,”Defeat doesn’t finish a man, quit does. A man is not finished when he’s defeated. He’s finished when he quits.” Delicious irony, are you sure you’re not satire?

“Sarah I am not a quitter Palin” is now joined by up-and-coming climber “Scott I am not a corporate tool Walker” as the tarnished, vacant, obfuscating stars of the modern day GOP. Both of them reek of the flop sweat and corruption of Richard Nixon, but this won’t dim their 2012 chances. After all, for people who swallow Newt “I screwed around on my wives for my country” as a possible 2012 contender, morals are obviously not the issue. Perhaps, indeed, soulful, deep thinkers with compassion need not apply to the Republican Party; ruthless ambition cloaked in glib charm and superficial jingles will suffice.

When one lives by the sword, they lose the cross.

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