The Wisconsin Protest Features Mr. Monk and the Case of Fox News

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At the Wisconsin protest today actor Tony Shaloub, better known as TV’s Monk, addressed the crowd and had some choice words for Fox News. Shaloub called out Fox News for vilifying the protesters as a bunch of union thugs. He also said, “In terms of the governor’s future we will not reelect. We will recall.”

Here is the video from The Uptake (Shaloub begins at 15:11):

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Actor and Green Bay native Tony Shaloub first praised the Wisconsin 14, “I can’t tell you what an incredible privilege it is to be standing here literally in the footsteps of the Wisconsin 14. My friends, ladies and gentleman, these senators are what representative democracy looks like, and I want to extend my gratitude to them for their courage and their commitment to the will of the people of Wisconsin.”

Shaloub saluted the protesters for what they have accomplished and will accomplish, and he called them the heart of America. Shaloub said that Wisconsin is the birth of a nationwide movement, “A movement that is destined to restore the rights of workers, safeguard quality education for our children, to reassemble and reconstitute the fragmented and wounded middle class, and above all a movement to hold our elected officials feet to the fire and force them to hear our voices.”

The man who played Monk on TV later came out against Fox News, “I’m here because I care deeply about Wisconsin families. All of them, including my own. You know recently we have been hearing a lot of talk from places like Fox News and (the crowd interrupts with a Fox News lies chant), we’ve been hearing a lot of silly talk from places like that, and places like where else? Oh yeah, the governor’s office, vilifying the unions in this country with this divisive talk charactering union workers as malcontents, bullies and thugs, so I thought today I would give you a chance to meet one of these hoodlums face to face. Look out now. Hold on tight to your little ones. Please allow me to introduce to you one of my sisters from Green Bay.”

Shaloub shattered the Walker/Fox News stereotype of the union thug. He said of his sister, “For the past 25 years this thug, this lazy ass malcontent, good for nothing bully has dedicated herself to working with young children and their family as a school based language speech therapist….So what do think dangerous? Self-serving right?”

Tony Shaloub had a message for Scott Walker, “In terms of the legislative battle we will not retreat. We will recommit, and in terms of the governor’s future we will not reelect. We will recall. In terms of worker’s rights, we will not relinquish them. We will reclaim them.”

Shaloub may not be as well-known as Michael Moore but his speech was just as powerful. I agree with his sense that the great Republican overreach of 2011 has awoken a movement that is ready to push back against the theory that government is of the corporate interests, by the corporate interests, and for the corporate interests.

It wasn’t just Scott Walker’s abuse of the middle class that set this off. The roots of this movement go back to the Bush years when the gap between the haves and the have nots reached a record distance. It is tied to a government that in the face of economic collapse has been perceived as being more responsive to corporate needs than individual needs, and has everyday Americans have felt their right to self-determination slip away, they are ready to rebel against the these thieves of democracy and take back what had always been ours.

It was great that Shaloub went after the Walker/Fox News union thug characterization. It is also important that people like Tony Shaloub use the microphone granted to them by celebrity to call out the lies of Fox News. The more these lies are exposed, the more discredited Fox News will become.

Real Americans are taking back their freedoms, and not even authoritarian Republican governors backed by the media mudslide of Fox News can stop the shining sword of freedom from piercing the heart of evil that has polluted our liberties.

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