Late Night Snack: Wisconsin Tractor Pull Together in Solidarity-Video

Mar 12 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Thousands turned out to support the tractor pull protesting Governor Walker’s anti union bill. Farmers came from all over to stand in solidarity with union members. These Wisconsinites– they know how to protest! Always with the drums, the bag pipes, the art, the music — you gotta hand it to Americans, we got spirit.

You can check out the video of today’s uplifting tractor pull together courtesy of Wisconsin State Journal News.

These are average Americans, not radicals by any stretch. We have a woman talking about how her mother was a Wisconsin teacher who now lives in assisted living due to her teacher’s pension and a teamster who says Gov Walker says he’s speaking for the people, but the people have a different point of view than he does. He says Walker’s bill, “…will affect us in how we spend our money in this community.”

Oh, Governor Walker, you messed with the wrong people. You don’t want to make a Midewesterner mad, because they don’t get mad easily and they’re not petty by nature. They’re willing to work hard for what they want and they don’t ask for handouts.

But they’ve had enough. They’re mad and they won’t forget. This won’t fade away. This will be a story told around the family dinner tables for generations. And it’s not greed that propels them, it’s love. Love for their families, for the pride in working hard, and for their basic understanding of fairness. And no matter what the Right believes, love is stronger than hate.

Watch this video:

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