Sell Out Scott Walker Has Destroyed Wisconsin Senate Republicans

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Today, Governor Scott Walker sought the limelight as he signed his union busting bill to histrionic right wing acclaim. The Governor is not available for the people, but he sure has time to wave for the cameras. Walker is on his way to Right wing celebrity even as working folks campaign against his treacherously destructive posturing and Wisconsin Republicans have jeopardized their careers by serving Walker instead of the people.

Wisconsin senate Republicans signed their political death warrants this week. Senate Democrats are calling it legislative thuggery, but those are kind words more fitting for Karl Rove than the imperialistic Walker regime’s lieutenants. As Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald has sold himself out to Walker’s ambitions, he’s allowed the Capitol to become a fortress, violated court orders for access, and led his fellow Republicans into a political abyss with no way out. Just as they exited the Capitol the night of the vote, with chants of, “Shame!” following them, so will they spend the rest of their limited political careers.

Because what they don’t realize is that it won’t be Walker who gets hurt, and he knows that. Even if he is recalled, Walker will get the love from the Right on a national level. He will get the VP nod, the book deals, and the Fox contract, while the Senate Republicans who sold their soul to the devil of Walker’s ambitions will be shamed and humiliated, hounded out of their jobs and forever stigmatized as union busters in a union heritage state. The recalls are coming and they are much deserved, for there’s no pity to be had for people so willing to sell their integrity and wield their power against the very principles of democracy and freedom that this country so proudly stands for.

Yesterday, Bill Lueders, reporter for The Isthmus Daily Page, reported from the Capitol that it took him hours to get access to the assembly room after being subjected to weapons searches and closed doors. When he finally arrived, the Democrats were trying to oust Republican Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, the man who two days ago ignored Democratic Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca’s (D-Kenosha) warning that the Republicans were violating the open meeting law.

Here’s a peek at what went down yesterday in the assembly, as Fitzgerald allows a woman in a wheelchair to be forcibly removed from the chamber instead of hearing her voice and Democratic lawmakers were locked out of the Capitol while Republicans literally sneaked in through their secret tunnel, too afraid to pass their constituents to use the front doors. Bill Lueders reported:

Rep. Donna Seidel (D-Wausau) spoke in support of the motion to remove Fitzgerald as Speaker, saying the “chaos” the state has experienced over the last several weeks shows “a failure of leadership.” Her voice quivered with outrage as she described a scene from yesterday’s surprise session, at which “a woman imploring to be heard [was] removed in her wheelchair.” She said she and other Democrats were “heartbroken” by what they see happening in their state…

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) noted that he has over the last six terms “evolved a lot” and made common cause with Republicans. But what he was seeing now amounted to “a complete meltdown of democracy.”

“We’ve locked out the public,” said Pocan. “We’ve locked out the press. We’ve locked out legislators. … There are no rules in this building anymore.” He openly speculated that many of his Republican colleagues would be removed in recall elections for what they were preparing to do today. “[People are being asked to] jump off a cliff [and] you have no idea where the bottom is.”

Lueders reports that four Republicans (Dean Kaufert of Neenah, Lee Nerison of Westby, Dick Spanbauer of Oshkosh and Travis Tranel of Cuba City) didn’t vote for the “budget repair” bill, which is now ostensibly not a budget repair bill at all, as according to Republican leaders it could be passed without a quorum, which means it is not fiscal in nature.

Fitzgerald is way too focused on the one death threat he says they received to allow access to the Capitol, which is odd given that during the healthcare debates around the country Democrats were hounded, threatened, bricks and coffins tossed into their windows and left on their front yards with Palin’s crosshairs targeting them for the frothing Fox base, and yet they still managed to meet their constituents, in public, in order to practice the fine art of democracy.

The Wisconsin Republicans think that the existence of the protesters means they don’t have to practice democracy, but it is exactly at times like these that they should. If only they had had the courage and the wherewithal to listen to their constituents instead of sucking at the tailpipe of Walker’s poisonous ambition, none of this would have happened.

The Wisconsin Senate Republicans were nothing but a back to be crawled over by a scheming, crooked, corrupt, career politician with the history of cheating to prove it, but they willingly gave him their backs.

The Wisconsin Senate Republicans deserve the eternal shame coming their way; their cowardice has killed dreams and killed decades of civil rights — the fact that they had to do in the dark cover of night and fled the scene like thieves and cowards shows that they know what they did was wrong. Their vote to kill collective bargaining will be a personal scourge and humiliation from which they can’t recover.

If any of you Wisconsinites sees these traitors in church with their well-dressed families who live off of your taxes, be sure and let them know that they took food from the mouth of babes to feed David Koch and Scott Walker, neither of whom were their flock, neither of whom they swore to serve.

As the bible Scott Walker claims to worship says, it is easier for a camel to get though the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven. Guess that puts Walker where he belongs.

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