Wisconsin Republican Cowards Skulk Away After Shameful Vote – Video

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Republican cowards skulk away from their shame

This is your late night snack. It’s meaty, it’s outrageous, and it will make you proud to call yourself an American. It will not, however, make you proud of the Republicans in Wisconsin who already shame this country on so many levels that their cowardice and inability to face their constituents should come as no surprise.

This is shame walking.

Watch the shameful Republican cowards skulk away from the people, leaving the Capitol through their secret tunnel (I guess the Democrat they locked out during the vote today wasn’t kidding when he said the Republicans got in through their secret tunnel….My bad), needing police protection after they broke the law and passed a bill unrelated to any budget issue in the dark, without a quorum while it has fiscal implications and without adequate notice and without ever sitting down with the people to hear their complaints. A bill that took away the people’s rights – rights guaranteed by the United Nations, but no longer safe here in the USA, thanks to the Republicans.

And while you watch these hard-working Americans yell, “Shame! Cowards!” at the Republicans who are being escorted to an undisclosed location because they have come for their constituents’ bread and handed it like thieves in the night to their corporate Kochs, remember that the Tea Party spit on Democrats who were out in the open at Town Halls discussing legislation. Gabby Giffords got shot talking to her constituents, by a crazy, paranoid person who shared Glenn Beck’s beliefs in big government. These folks were bravely doing their duty by their constituents, out in the open, like this government is supposed to work.

But the Wisconsin Republican scumcowards, these low life, impotent, corporate-parasites are being heckled not because they would talk to their constituents, but because they would NOT.

They refuse to grant their constituents the courtesy of hearing them. They locked the protesters out during the vote, which they rammed through in the night without ever posting the bill for anyone to read. They bolted the windows of the Capitol shut. They brought up cement barricades. And all of this was while the protesters remained peaceful. They roughed up a Democratic lawmaker trying to enter the Capitol.

Today, they locked out Democrats during a vote and the Democratic lawmakers had to crawl in windows to do their jobs.

So don’t allow anyone to compare Tea Party spit and guns to this. This is the outrage of a people denied their democratic rights. The Tea Party got their voices heard and no one ever took away their rights, unless you call comprehending being a tool of Koch a right.

Watch this. It’s the Real Thing. The people are coming for you, Senate Republicans and Governor Walker and they are going to demand that you look them in the eye while you screw them out of their rights; rights their grandparents fought and died for. Shame, Shame, Shame on the COWARDS who can’t even face their constituents.

Wisconsin Union Wisconsin Republican senators leave through secret tunnel after march 9th vote:

COWARDS, hiding behind palace guards. Not here, in the USA. SHAME! COWARDS!

Here’s a hint, boys — You have to run away in the night like the thieves you are, skulking through tunnels and hiding in an undisclosed location because you are cowards. While you cower in the dark and quiver over an email you didn’t like, costing the state of Wisconsin untold amount of money to guard you like little Kings as you steal the bread and water from your people, there’s another man who every day shows you what courage looks like. That man is the President of this country, the one your deliberately stoked Tea Party birthers make unprecedented amount of death threats against. He is NOT afraid to meet his constituents even when they come bearing armed assault weapons and foaming at the mouth over the lies you fed them about healthcare. The President talks to armed skinheads.

But you boys won’t even talk to teachers.

SHAME ON YOU, little men with empty hearts, barren souls and lawless ambitions.

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