As 60% Disapprove Sarah Palin Is America’s Most Hated Politician

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A new Bloomberg poll released today illustrated just how far Sarah Palin has fallen since her heady pit bull with lipstick days of the 2008 presidential campaign. Palin only registered a 28% approval rating in the poll. To put this in perspective, Wall Street, you know the guys who wrecked the global economy, get a 30% approval rating from the American people.

The Bloomberg poll
offered a strong reality check to those Americans who are counting on Sarah Palin to defeat President Obama in 2012. President Obama’s favorable rating was 55%. His unfavorable rating was 41%. In contrast, Lou Sarah a.k.a. former Gov. Palin had a favorable rating of 28%, and an unfavorable rating of 60%. President Obama’s favorable rating was almost as high as Palin’s unfavorable rating, and he had a very favorable rating with 22% of Americans. Sarah Palin’s very favorable rating was 9%.

Palin is so unpopular that Donald Trump is more popular than she is. Trump had an approval rating nearly ten percent higher than Palin’s (37%-28%). Trumps unfavorable rating was a 17 points better than Palin’s (43%-60%). The only person with a lower favorability rating than Sarah Palin was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who had a 22% favorable rating, but 50% of Americans didn’t know who he was.

To put Sarah Palin’s unpopularity into its proper context consider that Wall Street had a higher favorability rating in the poll than she did (30%-28%). Wall Street’s unfavorable rating was also 11 points lower than Palin’s (49%-60%). The people who completely wrecked the economy through greed, incompetence, illegal activity, and in some cases theft are more popular that than the Queen Esther wanna be herself.

People who lost their jobs, homes, retirements, and life savings look at Wall Street and think that it still isn’t as bad as Sarah Palin. This woman isn’t a presidential candidate. She is a living measurement of public revulsion. As much as people hated BP after the Gulf oil spill, they hated Sarah Palin more. As much as people couldn’t stand George W. Bush, he is still more poplar than Sarah Palin. Sister Sarah’s previous all-time approval rating low was 29%, but she outdid herself this time.

In the context of history, George W. Bush registered the highest disapproval rating in presidential history when in October 2008 he hit 72%. Harry Truman was the previous disapproval record holder with a disapproval rating of 67% in January 1952, and Watergate caused Nixon’s disapproval to rise to 66% in August of 1974. George H.W. Bush (60%) and Jimmy Carter (59%) both hit or came close to 60% disapproval in the summers before they lost their reelection campaigns.

Given these numbers, why on Earth would Sarah Palin run for president in 2012? The answer is that as bad as Palin’s numbers are, the rest of the potential Republican field is not much more popular than she is. The 2012 GOP field is so weak that a woman with a 60% disapproval rating would have a real chance of winning the nomination. All of the GOP also rans would have little or no chance against Obama straight up, which is why Republicans are already planning the most negative campaign in history for 2012. We all know that negativity is what Sarah Palin does best.

She would have no shot in the General Election versus the president, but she could capture the nomination by being the Obama hater in chief. Like a kid that hates getting socks for Christmas, the American people dislike Sarah Palin. The socks have no shot at being the favorite gift, absolutely none.

America’s distaste for Palin has gone from being based on her incompetence to a visceral gut level dislike of someone who refuses to go away. Sarah, America just isn’t that into you. Just lose our number and please stop calling us. No matter how much you bother us with your incessant need for attention, we are never going to let you be president.

Not in 2012. Not in 2016. Not ever.

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