Democratic Lawmaker Denied Entrance to Wisconsin Capitol

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State Rep. David Cullen (D-Milwaukee) tries to enter the Wisconsin State Capitol Thursday morning at the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard entrance, but is turned away. Cullen tells the troopers he is there to vote but they still deny him access.

Cullen asks the trooper who his supervisor is, to which the trooper asks, “Today?” Cullen responds, “Other than Governor Walker.” After the trooper gives him a name, Cullen asks for a phone number but the trooper says he doesn’t have one. Cullen asks if the trooper knows where his supervisor is, but the trooper says he doesn’t know. Cullen asks how is he supposed to vote if they won’t let him in the building. As he leaves, saying he isn’t going to get into a scuffle with police, a reporter asks him why they won’t let him in and Cullen responds, “I’m assuming the Republicans got in through the tunnel.”

We assume he’s joking, but maybe not.

Governor Walker was ordered by a court last week to keep the Capitol open during business hours, but it was on lock down today before the assembly vote. In an unbelievable update:

Rep. David Cullen, D-Milwaukee, said he couldn’t get into the building to get to session — until he crawled through the window of fellow Democrat, Sen. Chris Larson. Rep. Joe Parisi, D-Madison, said he and the Rev. Jesse Jackson were denied entrance to the Capitol at both the King Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard entrances.

“We were told the building is closed to everyone right now,” Parisi told large crowd outside the King Street entrance around 10 a.m. “I’d like to be let in so I can at least vote on this bill.”

So now Walker is denying access to Democratic lawmakers during a vote, forcing them to crawl through fellow Democrats’ windows to attend the vote. Yes, you heard that right. Way to go, Walker. I’ve lost count of how many laws are being violated in this travesty.

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