Fading Sarah Palin Flees Alaska for Arizona With Eye On Dying 2012 Bid

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Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me?

The former “hottest governor from the coldest state” has taken quit a dive in both political polls and general perception of hotness. Not only is she no longer governor of Alaska after quitting on them, but she is no longer considered hot either, winding up #1 least desirable woman of 2011 on Ask Men. But reality never daunts Sarah Palin. Palin may be quitting on Alaska again, this time for good, as rumors suggest she’s moving her 2012 Presidential headquarters to Arizona, perhaps in hopes of the desert heat reigniting her dying flame.

While the political polls show Palin tanking over the past two years, the public’s perception of Palin is even more telling of her 2012 chances. Sarah Palin’s image has taken several seemingly irreversible hits since 2008, the largest of which were her self-pitying blood libel video in the wake of the Arizona massacre along with petty fights she’s picked with over 87 public figures in an attempt to stay in the spotlight.

A new Quinnipiac poll shows Palin bottoming out beneath George W Bush in perceived warmness, while AskMen.com ranks her as the least hot woman of 2011.

The Quinnipiac University poll asked voters to rate leaders from 0 to 100 degrees on a “feeling thermometer,” with the highest numbers reflecting the warmest feelings. Palin ranked third from the bottom at 38.2% of perceived warmness, right above Harry Reid and below Newt Gingrich.

The Quinnipiac poll does even more damage by showing that only 4% of Americans feel they don’t know enough about Palin to make up their minds. In other words, Palin is as well-known as she is reviled.

Ask Men ranked Palin as the #1 Least Desirable Woman of 2011, with a scathing rebuke:

Palin’s utter cluelessness stems not from her politics. When she speaks, she leaves members on both sides of the political spectrum scratching their heads. Her tendency to make up words (“refudiate”?), lie about her reading habits, and distort geography (you can’t see Russia from Alaska, trust us, we tried) remind us of everything we hated about that ditzy girl we dated in high school who looked good in a pair of jeans. Don’t worry, Todd; at least she picks up the checks.

In the wake of this bad news, and with Mike Huckabee driving his birther tank right up Palin’s backwind and thereby stealing her birther base, Palin moving her political operations to Arizona indicates that she may think the hottest state can warm up her tepid 2012 chances.

Ben Smith at Politico reports:

But I’m told Palin’s camp is, at least, holding preliminary talks about how a campaign would look if she decides to run. One early decision, a source says: It would be based in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Bristol Palin recently bought a house in nearby Maricopa.

One lesson of Palin’s sometimes-difficult time in the spotlight has been that Alaska is an extremely difficult base for national politics. From a distant political culture to a daunting time difference, Palin hasn’t been terribly well served by the fact that her state is little-known to reporters in the lower 48, and that email inquiries arrive at 3:00 a.m. needing answers by 5:00 a.m.

And Arizona carries its own significance: Basing a campaign there would be a provocative rejection of any lingering political cost from those who connect her harsh rhetoric and Gabrielle Giffords’ shooting — a traditional refusal to retreat. It’s also the core of the politically contested, fast-growing new West.

The problem for Palin is that much of her popularity was based on the now debunked myth of her hockey mom persona, not to mention her dominatrix “hotness.” Palin had the majority of men in this country salivating after her until she opened her mouth one too many times and she had the heartland until she became known as a malignant narcissist with no heart post-Arizona massacre.

But run she will, no matter how many polls show that America has resoundingly rejected her as many times as she rejected Alaska. Not only does America not like quitters, but Americans can’t stand bitter, divisive, self-pitying back seat drivers who just don’t know when to play nice.

Watch out, Arizona. The Palins are heading your way, and they bring with them their posse of personal vigilantes, so you best not tick them off. Don’t be surprised if your local papers are suddenly filled with “letters to the editor” praising Palin, written by Palin herself but signed by one of her prayer warriors. Or maybe Lou Sarah herself will make her appearance in your local papers. The only good news here is that Alaskans might finally catch a break.

If Sarah Palin thinks moving her political camp to Arizona will make Americans forget blood libel or heat up her flickering hopes for 2012, we are all in for yet another round of her relentless self-pity when Huckabee or Romney steals the nomination from her. With her former hotness melting into the image of a cold, undesirable person with no policy knowledge to shore up the dying myth of Palin as a fiscal conservative or energy expert, Palin’s 2012 hopes hinge on just how divided the Republican Party will be by the primaries.

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