A Tale Of Two Wisconsin Town Hall Meetings

Mar 08 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Republicans Who Called Tea Party Scream Fests "Democracy" Shut Down Dissent

We all remember the town hall meetings around the country and promoted by the GOP news network, Fox News.  Congressman after congressman were called liars, they were shouted down.  The congressman weren’t allowed to speak at all.

Here is a town hall meeting in Wisconsin regarding the current situation in Wisconsin.  The gavel came down and adjourned the meeting causing an eruption of appropriate outrage.

Here in 2009,  Representative Steven Kagan (D-WI) was holding a town hall meeting. Notice the shouting and chanting, yet there was no gavel coming down. The Congressman maintained composure and allowed the people to yell and scream and vent their frustration. BIG DIFFERENCE!

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