Rush Limbaugh Claims That Obama Is Sending Him To GITMO

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On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh said that the real reason why Obama is keeping GITMO open is to send him and his listeners there. Limbaugh said, “Let me tell you another reason they are keeping GITMO open. Someday they are going to need a place to put all of us, folks.”

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

After ranting about how the AP was biased and too kind to Obama in their piece about GITMO staying open, Limbaugh said, “So poor old Obama, our young poor man child president sadly had no choice. No choice what so ever. He had to break his promise. That’s so sad. We have to understand it was a meddling Congress, ladies and gentleman. Poor Obama. So I guess GITMO no longer the source of terrorism recruitment, right? Month after month year after year, story after story repeating the liberal mantra about GITMO. Even McCain took the bait, for crying out loud. Now Obama reverses course. He’s not closing it. Now what about all those terrorists there who will be held indefinitely against their. Let me tell you another reason Snerdly, they’re keeping GITMO open. Someday they’re going to need a place to put all of us, folks.”

Only Rush Limbaugh could take a news story about GITMO and make it about himself. According to Rush, Obama isn’t being forced to keep GITMO open because the Republicans in Congress are blocking the funding that would allow the facility to be closed, and the detainees to be relocated. (This is a fact that is also being conveniently ignored by those on the left who are criticizing Obama for breaking his GITMO promise. Once again, some on the left have forgotten that a president can’t just snap his fingers and make things happen).

Rush, Obama isn’t coming for you or your senior citizen listeners. Obama’s decision to keep GITMO open doesn’t mean that he has changed course and agrees with the right. If the President can’t get the funding, GITMO can’t close. It is as simple as that. Rush Limbaugh’s wild claim that Obama is going to round up the right and send them to GITMO strikes me as a case of projection.

Barack Obama didn’t secretly spy on the American people. It wasn’t Obama who approved the use of torture, and it certainly wasn’t Obama who opened GITMO and other secret detention centers around the globe. All of these things were the handiwork of the Bush administration. As much as many Americans might thank Obama for finding somewhere to put Limbaugh, Beck, and rest of the rowdy crew of right wing traitors in the media, this president doesn’t view the Constitution as an optional guideline that can be ignored at the whim of the White House.

Rush Limbaugh wishes that Obama cared about him enough to send him to GITMO, but Rush has a better chance of committing another drug offense than he does of Obama spending a second of his day thinking about him. The self-important and delusional voices of the right can’t comprehend that Barack Obama doesn’t even care enough to send them to GITMO.

Rush Limbaugh may be a threat to the intelligence of his listeners, but despite his best efforts, he is not a threat to the American people.

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