Scott Brown Gets Down On His Knees and Sucks Some Koch

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Some secret video shot during the dedication of MIT’s David H. Koch Integrative Cancer Institute last week revealed just how organic the Tea Party really is as Sen. Scott Brown was caught begging for cash from David Koch. In exchange for a bit of cash in his reelection kitty, Sen. Brown got on his knees and sucked some Koch.

Here is the video from Think Progress:

Here is the transcript:

Brown: Your support during the election, it meant a, it meant a ton. It made a, it made a difference and I can certainly use it again. Obviously, the uh . . .

Koch: When are you running, uh, for the next term?

Brown: ’12.

Koch: Oh, okay.

Brown: I’m in the cycle, I’m in the cycle right now. We’re already banging away. But you guys should all be very proud. I mean this is amazing. I’ve actually taken the tour and uh just the things you aim to attack this issue is, is huge.

Susan Hockfield, MIT President: Thank you, Senator.

Brown: Thank you, for your leadership.

Koch: Susan was the main uh uh person who created the idea of combining the uh the bioengineers with the cancer researchers and then uh, so she’s a brilliant lady and a leader here.

Hockfield: Hi, David. David’s enthusiasm, Tyler’s [Jacks, Koch Institute director] genius, and I just said, sure, let’s do it.

Koch: Ha ha ha!

Scott Brown the former Tea Party golden boy was caught on camera admitting that it was David Koch not the people marching around with tea bags on their heads who made all the difference. Between the Scott Walker prank call in Wisconsin, and now Scott Brown’s groveling for dollars, it is getting more difficult for the right to keep up the illusion that the Tea Party is a grass roots movement.

Those of us who have suggested that the Republican Party has no leadership were mistaken. The GOP has two clear leaders who have purchased a political party strictly for the purpose of implementing their own corporatist agenda. Charles and David Koch are running the show now for the GOP. There is no organic movement.

There is just a carefully designed advertising campaign devised and implemented by some powerful D.C. lobbyists to inspire fear and rage in the uninformed conservative masses for the purpose of providing political cover to disguise the true identities of the perpetrators behind the great theft of American democracy.

The Tea Party backed Republicans pay lip service to “the people,” but really it is a show being run by a committee of two. The Koch Brothers want us to, in the words of the Wizard of Oz, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” but the curtain is being pulled away a little bit more each and every day, and what the American people are seeing is senators like Scott Brown with his hand out, because he knows that the difference between winning and losing his campaign for reelection isn’t Revolutionary War costumes and tea bags, but cold hard cash.

The curtain is starting to tear, but its fibers remain strong. Now is the time that we must take up the shears of liberty in order to remove the populist disguise from the GOP’s billionaire puppet masters, for only the sunlight of freedom will send these thieves of rights back into the darkness where they belong.

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