Vicky Hartzler Introduces Legislation Requiring Obama to Enforce DOMA

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Vicky Hartzler

The Republicans really didn’t like President Obama’s decision not to defend the constitutionality of DOMA in court. They didn’t like it so much they’re lying about it, falling over themselves once again to demonize the president for defending the Constitution. They have never learned who runs the country after an election. When they had control of the executive they ran it like a dictatorship from the Oval Office. When they didn’t have any power they obstructed any progress at all on the grounds that they weren’t the ones making the decisions. Now that they don’t have the executive they try to run it from the House of Representatives. The concept of democracy seems to evade their grasp.

Steve King (R-IA), the Great Hater, better known as the “New McCarthy” and for his rabid Islamophobia, decided that we shouldn’t fund the Department of Justice (DOJ) anymore since they’re not going to bother to defend the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act. If it’s not going to obey that particular law, what good is it? After all, that’s all the DOJ is there for, right? I mean, they don’t have any other crime-related duties. And King doesn’t deny he’s being petulant and wants to punish somebody for not doing what he wants. What’s troubling is his willingness to cut off his nose to spite his face:

“To continue funding a Justice Department that defies their oath to the Constitution and refuses to enforce the laws of the U.S. is a terrible precedent to tolerate. So the first thing is to send a very strong message by cutting the funding to the Justice Department.”

Nobody likes extreme solutions like a fascist…er, I mean a Republican. Oh wait, they’re the same thing these days, aren’t they? Why can’t you simply do the moderate, reasonable thing if you want to support an unconstitutional law, and undertake the task of defending it’s alleged constitutionality in court yourself?

No, that would be the mature and reasonable thing to do: If you’re a petulant third-grader you blindly insist that the DOJ is only there to enforce anti-homosexuality laws that are unconstitutional in the first place. You also lie: President Obama did not tell the DOJ not to enforce the law. This simple fact is not enough to stop the lemming-like rush over the slippery slope of common sense by extremist Republicans anxious to make a mark, eagerly repeating that lie:

Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) has introduced legislation that would require the Obama administration to enforce DOMA. Never mind that President Obama said it would continue to be enforced until Congress repealed it.

As Reuters earlier reported, “In a filing on Monday, DOJ attorneys reiterated that Obama told executive agencies to enforce the law until Congress repealed it — even though the administration would no longer defend its constitutionality in court” (emphasis added).

She accused the president of “selectively enforcing our laws” (a lie since he IS enforcing it) and “breaking his word to the American people” which could lead to “chaos.”

Gosh, Vicky. We survived all George W. Bush’s lies. I think we can survive DOMA, don’t you? What we can’t survive is Republican dismantling of government; that will lead to chaos. I don’t think same-sex couples getting married will have a catastrophic effect on society.

But while Vicky may be a big believer in faith according to Running God’s Way:

Vicky Hartzler is a leader who believes people of faith have a wonderful opportunity to serve God and others through service in public office.

So she’s big on the faith thing; she’s just not a big believer in honesty.

So here we are with Vicky’s completely unnecessary Eagle Forum Legislative Alert:

For Immediate Release
March 4, 2011
Contact: Steve Walsh
202-225-2876 – Office
573-645-9626 – Cell

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) is the lead sponsor of legislation calling on President Obama and his Department of Justice to respect the law and enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

“President Obama’s decision to order his Justice Department to stop defending DOMA is not a surprise but it is disappointing,” Hartzler said. “Once we start going down the road of selectively enforcing our laws we are headed for chaos. President Obama took an oath to uphold the laws of the United States and he is breaking his word to the American people.”

“The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act was enacted through large majority votes in both the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Clinton,” added Hartzler. “President Obama is subverting the will of the representatives of the people. The good citizens of the 4th Congressional District are expected to follow the law and President Obama should not put himself above the law.”

In 2004, Hartzler served as state spokesperson for the Coalition to Protect Marriage, which supported Missouri’s defense of marriage amendment. That amendment passed with the support of 71 percent of the state’s voters.

Vicky Hartzler was elected to Congress on November 2, 2010. She is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and the House Agriculture Committee.

Oh dear, Vicky is really throwing a snit. Maybe she and Steve should hold hands and sing “Kumbaya.” I think that would make everything better. It would certainly be less a waste of time of taxpayer money than passing a law to force enforcement of a law that is already being enforced.

You see where I’m going with this?

Of course, the Republicans have no problem at all subverting the will of the people at every turn, as the situation in Wisconsin has demonstrated to the entire world. But we can’t let gross hypocrisy get in the way of a good childish tantrum. Vicky might not realize it but most Americans are in favor of Marriage Equality. History is passing you by, Vicky. Get on board or get left behind. One day same-sex marriage will be as common as interracial marriage is today.

Only bigots bat an eye, Vicky. Bigots like you. Worry about what goes on in your own house and quit annoying us with your petty (and ignorant) tantrums.

The GOP’s scorched earth tactics have never been on better display than here, where not only groups like Planned Parenthood are defunded but entire departments of government because they won’t do what the Republican-controlled House says they must do.

In fact, tell ya what. Let’s just dismantle the whole damn government, Steve and Vicky. That’s really the end goal of the Republican Party so why not just cut to the chase?

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