Walker To Throw Layoff Tantrum if Union Isn’t Busted by Friday

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Feudal Lord Scott Walker Waves at Serfs

King Walker Throws Down Gauntlet: He Will Starve People with Layoffs If He Doesn’t Get His Bill

Wow. This guy really doesn’t get it. Governor Walker is now saying that he is willing to concede on some items but not collective bargaining (because you know, it’s all about the “budget” which has nothing to do with collective bargaining) but he will start issuing layoffs if he doesn’t get his bill passed tomorrow.

The AFL-CIO reports:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he won’t concede on the issue of taking away public employees’ collective bargaining rights, but he may on others.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Walker also threatened to start issuing layoff notices to state workers as soon as tomorrow if his bill calling for them to pay more for their benefits and taking away collective bargaining rights isn’t passed by then. The layoffs wouldn’t take effect for 31 days and they could be revoked later.

King Walker obviously thinks starving the people to force them to give him a bill based on a huge lie and his own incompetence will make this all go away. It won’t.

And by the way, I highly doubt King Walker’s attempt to get the Democrats to come home to vote will work, even though he has issued arrest warrants for them. There is no reason in Hell for them to believe that he’s willing to talk about anything, since they all heard the prank phone call wherein he admitted trying to trick them into coming home by saying he would talk with them.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) has already slammed Walker for his Palace Guard routine and today they slam the Senate Republicans for ordering the arrest of Senate Democrats according to the AFL_CIO blog:

Today the organization slammed Senate Republicans who ordered the detention of 14 Democratic senators staying in Illinois “with or without force.” Here’s the statement by these defenders of civil liberties and democracy:

“Politics aside, encouraging the forcible detention of duly elected lawmakers because they won’t allow you to dictate with a free hand is an unreasonable abuse of police power,” said WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer. “Due to the fact that Wisconsin officers lack any jurisdiction across state lines, does Sen. Fitzgerald intend to establish a ‘lawmaker border patrol?’ The thought of using law enforcement officers to exercise force in order to achieve a political objective is insanely wrong and Wisconsin sorely needs reasonable solutions and not potentially dangerous political theatrics.”

Governor Walker assumes he is above the law, but he is not and soon he will find out just what a mess he’s made of this entirely self-created debacle. When the people think clown dictator, they think Scott Walker. He has brought well-deserved shame on his entire party with his feudal Lord routine. Scott Walker needs to stop throwing temper tantrums and start leading his state. If he really wants to start laying people off, I’m thinking the people of Wisconsin would rather he start with himself rather than the hard-working people who actually make the state run.

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