Union Fights Back Against Scott Walker With Powerful We Are One Ad

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AFL-CIO Blasts GOP Kill the Middle Class Bills With Powerful We Are One Ad

As middle class workers across the nation fight in solidarity for their American rights to collective bargaining against the Goliaths dominating our political landscape, Republicans don’t stop to hear the people, but instead keep ramming their anti-human rights bills through and upping the ante with threats. The AFL-CIO fights back this morning with a powerful ad bought and paid for by the working people.

The AFL-CIO blog notes that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says in the clip:
“When you try to make unions the problem rather than the politically difficult decisions that we have to make as a people, then you’re not being very forthright and honest with the citizenry you’re representing.”

Even as Wisconsin workers unite in their fight to hold on to their hard won rights for collective bargaining, yesterday the Ohio State Senate voted to pass a kill the American middle class bill aimed at stripping collective bargaining rights from workers that now goes to the House. Workers say they were literally locked out of the hearing process for the bill in yet another hit to democracy.

The state Constitution in Ohio allows the Republicans to vote on the bill even if the Democrats had left, as they did in Wisconsin. And if you’re wondering why you’ve heard less about Ohio than Wisconsin, part of the reason why is that when a bill is jammed through there’s not as much time to examine it, but also the workers were kept out of the process and their voices silenced.

It’s ironic to think back on the Republicans claiming that the healthcare reform bill they had on their desks for a year was being “jammed down our throats” and that they “didn’t have time to read it” but now in a matter of weeks they have attempted to unilaterally strip a fundamental right from Americans, while trying to keep their intentions hidden.

Americans won’t be stepped on like this. Republicans have misread the American people and the election of 2010. They had no mandate to strip all Americans of working rights and human rights. The people they are stabbing in the back right now are of all political persuasions. Not only are they stabbing their own voters in the back, but also their hubris extends even further as they try to roll back child labor laws – an issue that I can’t imagine any parent being happy about.

This fight won’t be over quickly, and it won’t be clean. The people will take hits as they have in Ohio and as they are in Wisconsin with Governor Walker’s petty threats and barricades to the people’s house. But even if it takes all the way until 2012, the GOP will learn that they have over-stepped their boundaries, over-stepped the law, and over-stepped human decency. Religious leaders, the law and the people all agree: Americans have the right to collective bargaining.

The GOP is framing this issue around a budget crisis, but collective bargaining has nothing to do with money and everything to do with human rights. This disingenuous attempt to steal from the middle class across this great nation will not go unpunished. If Governor Walker were a fiscal conservative as he claims he is, he could have solved his “budget repair” issue the way that every CEO does, and that’s by attempting to increase revenue. Instead of increasing revenue, Walker decreased revue by giving a corporate tax break to big business (on top of the already scandalously low figures corporations pay in Wisconsin). Taxes are a large source of government revenue. This is akin to a toy manufacturer saying they will solve their budget problems by not making toys anymore and cutting salaries. If you don’t make revenue anymore, you will go out of business. You can’t cut your way out of a budget problem forever.

Walker and the GOP are attempting to run this country on practically zero revenue so the Koch brothers can make a larger profit. This is not fiscal conservatism and it’s not responsible accounting. It’s certainly not responsible leadership and anyone who has ever taken business 101 knows it. Walker and the GOP are supposed to be leading this country, not corporations. Their goals should be for a better bottom line for US, not for the Koch brothers. They are working against our interests as a country when they toady to Kochs. A budget repair bill would include a way to grow revenue and Governor Walker’s does not, so when he talks about “tough choices” he is not being honest. He needs to go tell the Koch brothers that he’s made a tough choice to stand up for Wisconsin, the state he swore to take care of, and that they are going to have to pay a few dollars in taxes like everyone else does.

But Walker won’t do that because he is a cowardly liar who is using a self-created budget issue to steal from the middle class. Yes, that’s right, if Walker hadn’t given the Koch brothers an early Valentine present of cutting their taxes, there would be no budget issue.

Even as I type this, the Wisconsin Democrats are helping the middle class workers fight to recall the eight vulnerable State Senators. If they get three of them recalled (and there are three who had narrow victories), the game will be significantly changed.

The GOP has made it clear that they are not on the side of the people. I’d wager that their attempts to smear firefighters and teachers as lazy freeloaders won’t be soon forgotten either. But what is most reprehensible is the way they are using a financial crisis caused by their deregulating crusade through every sector of our economy to ride rough shod over the people who bailed out their big corporate buddies and to add insult to injury, they’re attempting to pit American worker against American worker.

The only question left to ask is, “How dare they?”

I stand with my brothers and sisters, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, or Independent in their fight for their rights. When the GOP tries to pit us against one another, pretending there’s only food for some, they bet against humanity and against a united spirit. They bet wrong.

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