Mike Huckabee Runs to Bryan Fischer to Hold Hands

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The tale of two bigots...

The other day, we saw Morning Joe (Scarborough) condemning Mike Huckabee’s birtherism as hate speech. You know the old saying that it is adversity that shows the true character of a person – how they behave when the chips are down. So how did Huckabee behave in the face of the lashing his words caused? What was his reaction? Why, he went crying for consolation to a man whose ill-thought words have ignited a few firestorms of their own: the King of Bigots, Bryan Fischer of the hate group known as the American Family Association (AFA).

Yes, he went running to the man who thinks we haven’t done a thorough enough job of exterminating the Native Americans. After all, it takes a bigot to truly understand another bigot, and these two are a match made in heaven, if you’ll forgive the expression. And they have something in common: they both want to exterminate reason and common sense, not to mention engage in a genocide of facts along the way.

Huckabee was supposed to be promoting  his new book Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don’t), which will be released on George Washington’s birthday, February 22nd, but  he spent most of the interview attacking his critics for claiming that President Obama grew up in Kenya.

Try to forget for a moment the fact that Huckabee’s choice of venue is certain proof of where his heart lay, and listen if you can to his tortured whining. Huckabee said he misspoke (I think Republicans have forced us to revise the definition of that word) but when Fischer asserted that Obama’s childhood in Kenya instilled some “fundamentally anti-American ideas” in him, Huckabee was all over it:

Huckabee: And it’s really an indication of just how pathetic some of these folks are who claim to be journalists and reporters and have failed to do a decent job. You know, I admitted that I misspoke on that, but I corrected it. But what I have never done is taken to position that Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia or anywhere other than Hawaii where he claims to have been born. Frankly Bryan, that is not a popular position with conservatives but it is the position I have consistently taken and I just am very amazed at the firestorm this has caused, especially in light of the fact that the talk show host himself has said there is nothing to it.

Fischer: Well Governor, what got lost in all the shuffle was the legitimate point that you were making which is that we may have a president who has some fundamentally anti-American ideas that may be rooted in a childhood where he had a father who was virulently anti-colonial, hated the British – might have something to do with the President returning the bust of Winston Churchill back to England. You know, I was struck by the fact that when he made his tour to Indonesia, he made a point of going to an Indonesian memorial that celebrated the victory of Indonesians over British troops – again, part of that anti-colonial thing. And so I’d like you to comment on that; you seem to think that there is some validity to the fact that there may be some fundamental anti-Americanism in this president.

Huckabee: Well, that’s exactly the point that I make in the book and I don’t know why these reporters – maybe they can’t read, I guess that’s part of it because it’s clearly spelled out and I’m quoting a British newspaper who really were expressing the outrage of the Brits over that bust being returned and the point was that they felt like that due to Obama’s father and grandfather it could be that his version and view of the Mau Mau Revolution was very different than most of the people who perhaps would grow up in the United States. And I have said many times, publicly, that I do think he has a different worldview and I think it is, in part, molded out of a very different experience. Most of us grew up going to Boy Scout meetings and, you know, our communities were filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas.

Yes, I’m sure it’s all the fault of the reporters, Mike. And seriously, the person who has a different worldview is you. You grew up in some fundamentalist la-la land believing that the United States used to be a Christian theocracy founded by liberals like Thomas Jefferson (who wrote a Bible with all the miracles taken out because he thought miracles were outrageous lies) and James Madison, who believed in freedom of religion. The people who stick out as “not like us” are people like you, Mike and Bryan.

Oh, and before Huckabee leaves, he admits he hasn’t made a decision about running yet because FOX News suspended both Rick Santorum and New Gingrich while they decide and that he doesn’t want to lose his free platform and paycheck as well (he’s been accepting Murdoch’s paychecks since 2008).

For those of you with strong stomachs, here is the entire interview:

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