Late Night Snack: Rep. George Miller on the GOP’s Attack on Middle Class

Mar 02 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Tonight for your late night snack, I bring you not comedy or fables or animal cuteness (another day), but an inspirational must-see speech by Rep. George Miller (D-CA), taking on the GOP’s attack on middle class Americans all across the country.

GOP Attack on Middle Class Americans – Floor Speech. Listen and be proud and inspired:

” …they are now using their new-found political power to relaunch the attacks—to attack the guarantee to a decent wage, to attack the rights to ensure a safe workplace so when the workers leave home in the morning, they know they will return safely at night. They attack the right to have access to affordable health care and secure retirement. And, yes, they are even attacking the rights of working people to join together and to bargain for a better life and better conditions in the workplace.

They (Republicans) want their union, they want their rights in the workplace to be terminated. It’s un-American.”

Bravo, Mr Miller!

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