Late Night Snack – We Are Wisconsin- Video

Mar 01 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

We Are Wisconsin

Your late night snack tonight is the pure bliss of watching a Republican police officer tell you that Walker woke him up to the agenda of the Republican Party. Woke a lot of his buddies up too. Sunshine on your shoulder makes you happy….

He says he can no longer support the Republican Party after watching how they refuse to sit down with the people. He’s been a conservative since Reagan, started feeling betrayed and questioning what he believes in. He explains, “I’ve seen nothing but peace, people getting along, responsible adults and I heaer people making this out to be angry, violent, and as a police office, the bald face lying, through all of this, our Governor and the republicans can’t be swayed and to me that indicates I can no longer support the Republican Party.”

He says many of the police and firefighters are Republicans but they are seeing what the Republican Party stands for and this has been an eye opener.

Welcome, friends. We are all on the same side here. The side of the people.

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