The Hijacking of the Tea Party

Mar 01 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

When I first heard of the Tea Party, I honestly believed this was going to be good for the middle class. Billions were borrowed to bailout Wall St. and the people were rising up in protest. The middle class was beginning to awaken to the fact that we were being screwed, but something happened between then and now.

Now we see these same people protesting against their fellow working class neighbors. Really? What happened? They are now fighting to increase corporate tax breaks that do not trickle down and lower wages for working class folks.

They complain about their taxes going up, but failed to see that their taxes have increased due to corporate tax breaks and subsidies that have amounted to billions across the country.

Someone has to foot the bill for our military contractors, court system, public defenders, oil subsidies etc. Since the wealthiest at the very top of our economic pyramid don’t want to pay at all, they stick the average working class guy with the bill.

The conservative think tanks that have taken over control of the tea party movement have placed blame on the public employee unions for the tax hikes on working families in order to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

If they weren’t distracted, the Tea Party would have continued to be a peoples’ movement and fought against lower wages and corporate tax breaks and subsidies.

These conservative think tanks are in bed with Koch Industries…Heck these think tanks are funded by them.

So while the tea party counter-protests teachers and police salaries, the Koch Brothers and the rest of the top 2% are sitting back, cutting our wages, outsourcing our jobs and pick pocketing the country. Stop blaming unions, they are middle class too.

It’s time to wake up the Tea Party, to the fact that their peoples’ movement has been hi-jacked and they are the only ones who can right their own ship.

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